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Providers of experiential and authentic tours on the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

We also offer educational courses and a supportive community in the hope of encouraging women to use travel to boost their confidence and become resourceful individuals, keen to transform their lives by pursuing their dreams.


Hello, My Name is Zananai Byron-Davis


and from a very early age I developed a passion for travelling. I have always been passionate about the tourism industry, hence completing my BSc in International Tourism Management with honours. Coming from the beautiful Caribbean island St. Vincent and the Grenadines, I decided I wanted to own my own tourism business. After getting married and migrating to Germany with my husband, I had friends who wanted to visit my island but since I was no longer there, my parents and siblings, being the loving, generous people that they are, welcomed my friends into their home and took it on themselves to show them around and accommodated their entire stay on the island. My friends were so impressed with the way they were treated and the amazing time that they had, that they could not stop thanking me. That gave me the idea to start my business, Zanur Travel!


Zanur Travel Where You Experience The Authentic Life


I wanted solo women travellers to experience my country's culture and sites as a true local person, while feeling safe and secure with a local family who would accommodate and embrace them warmly. This is why we offer homestay in our packages and pair our clients with a local sister (or 'Vincie Buddy') of a similar age, who will take them around and let them experience everyday life on the beautiful Caribbean island. I want to form a community that encourages young women to travel, explore and experience new cultures as they mature and become the woman they truly want to be. They would learn to do new things and form new and lasting friendships all in a secure environment without fear of danger and stereotypes. 

Alongside our 7-Day Truly Zanur package, we also offer 1-Day tours throughout the island for anyone who wants to experience the authentic life in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

We also offer courses, resources and a loving supportive community for female travellers to learn, grow and experience life-changing transformations they've always wished for!

The name Zanur, a combination of my name Zananai, and my husband Junior, shows that our business is truly about us, our lives and what we want to achieve for our local communities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and for our customers


What We Offer...

Tour Packages

Tour Packages

Experience the Authentic Caribbean

Stay with a local buddy and explore the best features St. Vincent and the Grenadines has to offer in both 7-Day and 1-Day packages...

work with me

work with me

Become a Seasoned Traveller

Book a session with me for support in being and happy and positive in your  everyday life and to gain confidence to travel...

Travel & Resources

Travel & Resources

Join The Zanur Travel Community

Join our community of like minded women who loves to travel and be positive...


Our 7-Day Truly Zanur Package


We want visitors to experience the authentic life of an everyday Vincentian


Our packages are designed specifically for women who wish to travel solo or in small groups and who would love to experience a true Caribbean lifestyle while having a wonderful vacation surrounded by beaches and warm sunshine!

A specially designed itinerary is planned by a true Vincentian woman who was born and raised on the island.

This package involves local activities, events and sightseeing that visitors can experience, as a true Vincentian would.

All activities would be delivered by an expert team of warm locals who are eagerly awaiting your arrival.

Best of all you can have your experiences paired with a local who would be your ‘Vincy buddy’ for your entire stay on the islands.

Stay in a local home and wake up to a typical Vincentian breakfast, home-cooked by local mothers on the island.

This package can also be paired with or without one of the three main festivals that take place yearly on the islands.

Our Truly Zanur Authentic Experience has a detailed 7-day itinerary packed with culture, tradition and beautiful sights to be experienced with your local buddy.

Activities, events and sightseeing choices are up to you and include all the options found below in the 1-Day Tour Packages! 


Our Local 'Vincy Buddies' Will Look After You...


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We also offer 1-Day Tour Packages...


Choose from a variety of activities ranging from visiting beautiful waterfalls and beaches to visiting the volcano and nature trail.

Or, if you fancy something different, why not try a shorter Drumming Class or Vincentian Cooking Class?

There is plenty for everybody to enjoy!




This stunning 60ft high Falls of Baleine is located to the North of the island and is only accessible by boat. It is very secluded and its cool, sparkling water is perfect for swimming.

Also on the Leeward coast of the island, Trinity Falls, as its name states, is made up of three (3) waterfalls flowing into a wide river basin before gushing powerfully into another pool below. Bathing here is just as refreshing as the others but, in the wet season, the force of the water can be very powerful and should be approached with caution.

Dark View waterfalls is a beautiful set of 3 waterfalls located on the leeward side of the island. There is along bamboo bridge that you need to use to access the falls followed by 10-15 minutes short hike to the falls. The upper 2 falls have a pool thats suitable for bathing while enjoying the lush vegetation that surrounds it. Opening times are 9am until 5pm daily.




Experience both the popular and the untouched beaches on the island. Some secluded beaches are hidden secretly between the headland with glistening black sand, and the more visited white sandy beaches are on the windward side. There's a lot to see so be prepared for a really packed day to fit them all in.

You don’t want to miss any!



Volcano and Nature Trails:


If you love the outdoors and hiking, this package would be the best option. Challenge your fitness level with a hike to the highest peak on island and to add to it the thrill of climbing an actual volcano! La Soufriere, the island’s volcano, is a wonderful experience for travellers who want to experience more. It takes approximately 3 hours to hike the volcano if you are fit and your buddy would go at your pace and accommodate your needs.

There is also the Vermont Nature Trail where you might be able to spot the island’s national bird, the Amazonia Gildingi, which resides amongst the tall trees there.


Cooking and Drumming Classes:


Spend 1-2 hours of one-on-one tutoring with a professional drumming group. 
A unique experience on the island; The Resistance Heartbeat Drummers use drumming as a means of cultural expression and giving back to the community through the empowerment of the local people. You would learn to beat the African drums with this amazing group.

Learn to cook a traditional Vincentian meal or sweet and learn from one of the best local cooks on the island!

Spend a few hours learning to cook traditional Vincentian food. You will use local produces such as breadfruit and other homegrown provision to make sweets such as sugar cake or sweet bread, or cook local fish such as saltfish.


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