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Hello Angel,


I know you are here because you are....


Tired of feeling stuck and moving through your life in slow motions.

Craving an escape and some form of spontaneity in your life.

You want to start traveling more but you just don't know how.  

There are fears, doubts and blocks that are holding you back but all you want to do is just live a true fulfilled life, exploring all that God have created in this beautiful world.

This is not only possible for the baby boomers but it's for every woman who truly wants it.


Travel Life Coaching?

Tours to St. Vincent and the Grenadines?

A Supportive Community?


You are in the right place!

Here at Zanur Travel we not only offer tours to the beautiful Caribbean island St. Vincent and the Grenadines but I also coach and support women who dream of traveling whether near or far but needs help getting over innate fears, need to create more time in their schedule or who needs to start finding innovate ways to budget for their travels. Our supportive community is there to encourage and support you as well with like minded women who wants the same dream of traveling and creating an extra ordinary life that they are happy with every single day. 


Hi! I'm Zananai Davis,

And it's my job to help you get everything you want.

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Zananai Byron-Davis is a Tour Operator, Travel Life Coach and Author of an E-Book ‘How to create an Amazing Life’. She has started her Tour company on the beautiful Caribbean island St. Vincent and the Grenadines, to build her local tourism industry, help the local community and allow visitors to experience the local life. She also launched her successful Travel Life Coaching service for women who want to see the world and create their most amazing life.

She really cares for her clients, as she feels called to show Gods women that they can have an amazing life and be extremely happy. She truly believes that every woman is Amazing and deserve to have an Amazing life.

There are 3 main processes that she uses to show women how to be happy and positive, travel the world and have an amazing life. Mindset work, Planning & Budgeting for trips and techniques and tools to use to ensure you create true happiness and positivity.

She lives in the UK with her husband and travels every chance she gets. While a dedicated team in St. Vincent and the grenadines gives visitors an authentic local experience.

She is on a mission to show women that we no longer need to settle for what others say we should be. We can see the world and make changes in our everyday lives one step at a time, until we have our most amazing life ever. Her growing community loves her energy and her enthusiasm and are excited to hear what she has to share.

"Honestly, it’s just plain inspiring to chat with Zanny! Her happy and positive outlook and her enthusiasm for using travel to create the life we desire is infectious! "

- Melissa Gross
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