Hello Angel,

So lovely to meet you…

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I always knew I was meant for more, have you realised that you are as well yet?

Growing up on a Caribbean island is just as it sounds, it was pure bliss. Life was amazing, beaching, realising and general bliss. I started traveling at an early age and got hooked especially when as a teen I went with my Girl Guide Association to a camp ‘Jamboree’ in Sweden for 2 weeks and the UK for another 2 weeks. I had the travel bug, I then found every possible way to travel more including working and remain in the Travel and tourism industry.  

I went on to work as a Travel Agent for 3 years and then completed a B.Sc Degreee in International Tourism management.

When I started wanting more I felt horrible but I still persevered because it was like a calling I couldn’t ignore.



To see the world

To earn a lot of money

To work doing something I love

To be able to help others and make a change in other people’s lives.

Little did I know that God had huge plans in store for me.


Shortly after completing my studies, working a job that I hated. It was filled with a lot of stress and anxiety for no reason at all.

I met my wonderful husband who happened to be working in the UK. We got married and then he was posted to Germany shortly after. I packed up my life and went to start my new life with the man I loved, leaving my family, friends and beautiful island behind.


Then something happened


We moved countries 2 times after Germany and I was always extremely blessed to find amazing jobs and meet beautiful people but the desire to do something more kept nagging at me.

I started exploring ways in which I can use my education and my experience to start my own business, helping women to do the exact same thing that I was doing now. I was an extremely happy person and naturally optimisitic. I practised gratitude from an early age and counting my blessings. I loved God and prayed very often, just letting God know my plans and my desires.

I tried to Ignore it

After months of feeling pushed and resisting, I decided to really explore my feelings. At this time I knew it was my calling but I felt ungrateful to want more in my life. I was already living the dream, travelling every chance I can get, having great jobs and just enjoying life.

But God said its time to step into your purpose my love.



I first launched my Tour company but then I wanted to help more women, who weren’t able tojust travel to the Caribbean. I wanted to more than ever to help women realise that a happy life was totally attainable to them, all while traveling and seeing the beautiful world around us.


We totally deserve to





I enrolled in my first clarity business course and haven’t looked back since.

I am truly living my life’s calling and lovely I want to help you to truly live yours as well.


Are you ready to get started?