Why you deserve to Travel and be happy


As a woman it I find to be so much more difficult to embrace my self worth and to go after my dreams. I look around everyday and I see men do just that. They pick a passion, something that they want to do and they go for it. They never allow distractions such as romantic relationships, people's opinion of them or the voice of others to hinder them from going after their dreams.

So why then we as women allow others to dictate what should make us happy and what we can achieve?

What about self worth and what you think you deserve in your life?

Are you making those choices on your own thought, beliefs and feelings or are they based on what others have told you and what you are allowing them to speak into your life?

As far as I can remember I always felt like I was meant to do great things. I never told anyone about these feelings because I was afraid that others would think I was 'full of myself' or that I thought I was so special. Until one day I realised living this calling of mine down because of others opinion was making me unhappy.

I wanted to do something more than just existing everyday, living a life that was not what I truly wanted, ignoring my dreams and push them away. I just wanted to be happy, living my life's true purpose and my calling and so I decided to stop fighting andto find a way to create the life I wanted.

I stopped wishing and I started reading, then I got the help that I needed and now I am constantly seeking inspiration and encouragement to keep going. I have realised nothing ever comes easy but when I want something bad enough I usually receive it and more than anything I wanted to create an amazing life for myself, my family and for my future kids.

God's own words in the bible tells us that the plans he has for us is to give us a hope and a bright future, whatever that may mean for you but first you have got to realise that it's all down to you.

Ladies, we deserve everything we can ever desire in life. If your desire is to build a business that you love, to have your dream career, to travel the world and make money or just to travel, see places and just enjoy your life. You totally deserve to have that and more.

Stop allowing others to dictate to you what you should desire and what you deserve to have. A man will never allow himself to be told by others what he can do, instead he would usually react in the opposite way and do exactly what he was told that he couldn't do.

Let's take a page from the mens's handbook and be stubborn, have a huge ego and go after own dreams because regardless of what others have to say. We deserve to have it and so much more.

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