My top 3 favourite travel destinations

Ein Gedi, Israel

Ein Gedi, Israel

As you know I love to travel and I have travelled to a total of 26 countries so far and ofcourse for the New Years God’s willing I have a lot more to visit. Although I love to experience different cultures and have an amazing time meeting new people and having new experiences. I do have my favourites, the ones that I know I just cannot get out of my mind. They were amazing experiences that would stay with me for a lifetime and brings back awesome and enjoyable memories. Here are my top 3 favourites at this time but be sure to check back in 6 months time because I’m sure this would be updated at sometime.


1.    Jerusalem, Israel- I first described this place as the ‘Adult Disneyland’. I really felt this way when I was there because it felt like such a magical land and I just couldn’t believe I was there in person. As a Christian I read about these places in the bible. If you do not know 1 and 2 Samuel speak a lot about David and his life here. On our trip there we visited ‘Zion Hill’ of David and Ein Gedi gardens where he once hid from king Saul who was trying to kill him. We visited the dead sea and explored the Judean hills. We had the most amazing time taking the ‘Holy City’ tour and it was just unbelievable. For more in debt recap of our trip, you can read my blog posts on it here. But Jerusalem was my favourite because it was a place I never thought I would be able to actually visit and we learnt so much about the oldest city in the entire world. It’s history after biblical times to modern times. The Jewish cemetery and the experience in the church were Jesus was supposedly ‘buried’. What an amazing experience walking around taking the tram and shopping in the mall in a city where Jesus (the most famous man in the world) was born and raised. Simply fascinating and I implore you if you ever get the chance make this a MUST SEE for yourself.


2.    India- My trip to Chennei and Madurai India was beyond enlightening. The thing is I always heard people speaking about going to India for enlightenment and I never knew what it meant until I went there for myself. We went down to southern India and was told it is quite different to the more famous cities to the North. In the south they spoke Tameli which is the local language. The temples, the people, the way of life as you can imagine was just unbelievable. I am from the Caribbean and so I thought I knew what poverty was but no I saw it 10 times more in India but I also saw 10 times happier people, who were kind and so hospitable. Indians make you feel welcome no matter what. I loved the local corner store where I bought some really good hair and skin care products. Local sweets from the bakery and ate at our favourite local restaurant and tried some different Indian food like mutton balls. Those were my favourite!!The city was most vegan even the hotel we stayed at didn’t serve meat but we found some good meat nonetheless. The hotel was amazing and the price was mind blowingly cheap when we converted it in £. We had a great time but after awhile the dusk, the flash floods and the cows in the streets where making me miss home. I was truly grateful to be able to have that amazing experience but to know that I was so blessed and grateful to have a place to go home to called my home. Our visit to the Ghandi museum was a definite highlight to our trip and for that I thank India for giving back so freely to others.


3.    New York City, USATo round up my top 3 destinations. It has to be New York City! I love NYC with a passion! I spent 7 months in this amazing buzz of a city, learning and exploring everyday with friends and it was everything. My internship was in Manhatten in the heart of the city in fact just around the corner from Wall Street. We missed nothing, everyday at lunch time and after work we would go exploring the city. Central Park, taking the train into Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. You can never be bored in this city as Time Square never sleeps and something is always happening. If you want fun and adventure New York City is the place. I would definitely go back to this amazing city and probably do some more sightseeing and grown up things besides shopping and running to every concert and what’s happening.  I did get a chance to go to the MET which was amazing, ballet and opera shows were so brilliant. The Julliard school of dance was just nearby for anyone who ever saw ‘Save the last dance’ knows ahaha. Upper East Side experience thanks to Gossip girls was also beyond amazing. The food, the smell, the activities in this city is just beyond words. We took day trips out to Atlantic City and Washington DC and had the most amazing times exploring.


So there it goes a quick roundup of my top 3 favourite destinations to date but remember, I am from the Caribbean and ofcourse the Caribbean is always number one in my mind and has no competition as I love beautiful beaches and having a relaxing time. So ofcourse if anyone were to ask me for a recommendation, it would have to the Caribbean and then these 3 will follow.

What about you? I would love to hear about your top 3 travel destination and why they were so amazing to you. Let me know! 




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