New series: How to Use Travel to Improve your life

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In these modern times, many of our lives are twisted and turned so much that it starts to feel ugly, stressful and overwhelming. Pressure from bosses, coworkers, family and friends can lead to overall burn out and unhappiness. That is why this month I would like to focus on how we can use Travel to improve our life right now.

1. Travel to have fun- I think too many of us no longer know or understands what it means to have fun. Instead we focus on getting things done and following a routine, that we no longer realise that sometimes its important just to let loose, be ourselves and have some fun. We look down on fun, like that's for kids or for people who don't understand that life is about working hard and getting important things done. I do agree that there is a time and place for fun and that is why we do it when we travel. This time is for us to just getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It's a time to step back, let loose and experience the now and not think about what needs to get done. I believe that our lives should be a total balance and that there should be a time and a place for everything. The time and the place to have fun is when you're on vacation and you need to unwind from your everyday life. Find some fun activities to do, dance all night with your partner or play a game that you haven't done in ages. Just have fun!

2.  Travel to find inner joy-  Everyday life have caused us to be harsh, unhappy and always looking for the negative. Do you know someone who is always sour, down and unhappy? I believe that they may have not always been that way but they have allowed their life to be shaped in such a way because they never took the much needed time to find joy in the little things in life. They allow their circumstance to define them and change their outlook on life. That is why christmas is my favourite time of the year. It just allows us to reflect on happy memories, create new memories and simply spread love, goodwill and cheer. Not forgetting that this is the time we celebrate the most amazing gift to us all which is the birth of a man who was sent to give us everlasting life. I can surely find deep and immense joy from this knowledge alone. But with travel we don't need to wait until December to experience this feeling. We can find inner joy when visit a new amazing destination, that is different from anything else we have experienced. We are grateful for the opportunity to see new things and meet new people, learn new cultures and try new food. It allows us time to step back from the hustle and bustle of life and reflect on the small things in life that makes us happy and feel extremely blessed.

3. Travel and be adventurous- Adventure is not just a word for the kids, adults can experience adventure as well. Travel is the perfect way to explore and be adventurous. By definition adventurous means 'the willingness to take risk, try new methods, ideas and experiences'. I love that definition because it states we can be adventurous at anytime, any minute. Having a new thought other than what we initially believed is being adventurous, taking a risk and wearing a kitten heel instead of flats is being adventurous. But many of us don't even do this in everyday life because we are scared of taking a risk, it's as simple as that. Some of us may think those little things are not adventurous and you want to experience something bigger and bolder. How about exploring unknown areas of your town or city? A new park you have never taken the kids or a new walking path you never took on your run. That's totally being adventurous and I love doing things like those. It honestly makes you feel so alive, with rushing blood, adrenaline pumping and pure excitement in your heart. Travel can do this 10 times over for you. If you seriously cannot remember the last time your heart beaten so fast it felt like it was leaping out of your chest. Or the last time you felt tingly with facing the unknown. Travel Travel Travel lovely and you will experience so much more.

Join me next week and as we explore even more ways that Travel can improve your everyday life and if you yourself have some feedback on this topic pease let me know. Join us over in the my Facebook group here and lets get you Traveling some more and improving your overall life and happiness.

Blessings always,


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