Part 2: How to Use Travel to Improve your Life

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Travel can bring so many benefits to our lives, in fact, I have like 20 points I can expand on. Last week I started the December series of How to Improve your Life Using Travel and I discussed 3 points in that blog posts. If you didn't get a chance go over and check it out now, today we will dive into 3 more benefits that are possible for you.

1. Self Discovery- This is one of the most beneficial effects of traveling that I have experienced on my own journeys. Travel allows you discover things about yourself that you didn't even know before. You learn how courageous you really are! How adventurous and spontaneous you can be. You take risk you never thought was possible for yourself, when you are out of your routine and regular life. Traveling is truly amazing, when on the path of learning more about yourself. The fact that you are in a new environment, unfamiliar to you, you realise quickly you can adopt to situations to make your life better. The switch sometimes is immediate or sometime it will take a little while but then you do adopt because that is how we were created. We adopt quickly to new environments to survive and to thrive. If you are ever unsure of the type of person that you are or you want to exercise your strengths and discover your weaknesses. If you are at a lost and really want to know the real person staring at you in the mirror. I suggest you take a trip for a while. Do something different and allow yourself to take risk that would pay off in the end.

2. Enlightenment- Talk about enlightenment, this word is defined as the action of understanding, insight, education, awareness and some may even say wisdom. Travel enlightens you because of all of the things listed above. You get to understand a new culture and tradition, you get insight into the life's of different people, either fellow travellers of natives of the country you are visiting. You are definitely educated on your trips about the culture, history, traditions and scenery and ofcourse through all of this you become more aware of the truly global world that we live in. If anyone ever tells you that they do not need enlightenment, they are madly mistaken. We are now living in a truly globalised world, with Facebook alone having over 6 million people and counting. People from different countries, speaking different languages, different cultures, different points of views and perspective of life. You truly have a better understanding of these people who you interact with everyday when you have a first hand experience with their cultures and experience their traditions and values. You become way more tolerant on their point of views because you have a better understanding of why they think the way they do. Travel does that for you, the connection becomes real and the world becomes a more peaceful and better place because you have become more enlightened.

3. Independence- Last but not least, travel allows you to become more independent. This does not only possible through solo travel, you can experience independence through group travel, couple travel or family travel, it truly does not matter. When you travel more likely than not you need to think for yourself and make quick decisions. You are now solely in control of your direction and the things you do throughout the day. There are no routines here because it's a new place and a new surrounding. You now have the opportunity to choose either to stay in your room hiding until you leave or you step out and start exploring. You have no one to answer to but yourself. You made the plans and you can either choose to stick to them or you can change them, the power is all yours and that is in your hands. The beauty about travel is that you can plan a trip to fit any need that you have. You want to do nothing but relax all day everyday, being waited on hands and foot, then that is possible through staying at a resort or taking a cruise. You want more adventure, spontaneity and independence, then book a couple days in a new country and the world is your oyster to do as you please. Travel allows YOU to take charge of your experiences and your adventures, what can be better?

I would really love to hear your comments on these 3 tips that I share above. Please feel free to comment below or follow me on social media. Also,  I have just launched my 6 weeks group program for women who want to experience Transformational Travel in 2018. If you want to truly experience the benefits above and what I would be sharing over the next couple weeks, then this program is for you. We get to explore your travel goals and desires and then make it an absolute possibility. Think you need to prioritise travel more? Then this is for you, click here to learn more about the program.

Until next week my friends, have a very productive and awesome week.


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