Part 3: How to Use Travel to Improve your Life

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It's the final week of December, 2017 and the final week before we welcome the New Year 2018. Can you actually believe that? 2017 is almost finished and a new year is soon to begin. It seems mind-blowing to me, that one year have flown by so fast. A lot has happened over the year for me and I am SO grateful. Seriously, God has been truly so amazing to me and in my life, working in me and for me, that I just have to stand still and just give thanks.

Today I am wrapping up the series, 'How to Use Travel to Improve your Life'. The last couple of weeks we explored some of these points in details. If you didn't get to read them, please go back and do so, they are so insightful and I would love to hear your thoughts on them as well. So I wrap up by exploring the last 3 points and here goes.

1. Travel for Confidence- Have you had moment where you were so shy, so introverted that you couldn't do the things that you needed to. To get ahead perhaps or to make a move that you know you must? Confidence is what allows us to show the world the real us, the real person under the facade that we put up to hide the real person inside. Many times I have tried to hide who I was, for one reason or the other until it was becoming to hard to be someone who I was not. I needed the confidence to show up proudly as myself and believe that I was enough. Who I am is enough for whatever it is that I needed. Travel brings that out in you. When you travel you have no choice but to be yourself and believe me it's so much easier as you have no one to impress, judge or keep up appearances for. Most of the times you are meeting new people, who don't know you. You have a chance to try out the real you for a change and see how it feels to wear it with no mask or cover. I love when I travel, I become a new person, I'm more bold, more friendly, more helpful, I make eye contact and so does a lot of other people as well. Are you lacking the confidence that you need to show up largely as YOU? Try traveling some more and I promise you, your confidence would be restored and renewed.

2. Travel for Courage- This one is so similar to confidence but it goes a bit further. To have courage is to be brave, it's to face fear, doubts and insecurities, it's to take the risk that may or may not pay off. Studies show that most courageous people are also very confident people. Infact, these 2 C's Courage and Confidence is a huge part of being Successful. Successful people have these 2 virtues because you can never achieve your goal if you don't confidently show up and choose to be courageous in your life. Life is about choices, facing the unknown, it's about taking risk on yourself, growing, learning and going after self realised goals and dreams. Travel is one activity that allows you to put your courage to the test. If you are ever in doubt as to how courageous you are, decide to travel to an unknown place and see what happens. Many of the comments I get when I speak about my travel journey is, amazement, shock sometimes, awe. People can't believe that I have traveled so much and done all those things. They ask, weren't you scared? My reply 'of course I was', but that's the most amazing thing, getting over the fear and realising it was an uncalled for fear. Realising it was the fear of the unknown that needed to be conquered. Now I have realised, that when I come across a fear, I know what's on the other side. Its' relief and the knowledge that 'that fear was uncalled for' and can be overcome as well. What is your biggest fear right now? How can traveling help you face that fear head on and make you realise that anything is overcome- able, if thats what you desire and believe in.

3. Travel for a happy and fulfilled life- Now I won't be so crash, as to say travel is the only thing that can bring you true happiness and fulfilment but it can be a major tool to create this state of being in your own life every single day. I know personally, as a christian, with an amazing husband and family, I still felt like I was missing something. I know that the person I am loves, adventure, she loves excitement, she loves to learn, to explore and to feel passionate, to be alive. I don't know anyone who doesn't like these things, although they may tell themselves they don't need it. We all do!! Infact, one major key to happiness as described by Earl Nightingale is the desire to constantly learn, grow and explore. What better way to do this but through traveling. When you travel you are constantly learning new things, seeing new places, meeting new people. Have a clear insight into a country's culture, traditions and lifestyle. You are constantly learning more about yourself when you travel. The things you can and cannot tolerate, a wonky bed is a no no perhaps or horrible sanitation. You learn how to overcome adversaries, a delayed flight, a missed bus, but then you learn resilience. You start thinking out side the box. Looking for a new way or a different way to do something you never thought about. That's why I love that movie, "The Best Marigold Hotel", have you seen it? It is hilarious. Old people who thought they had nothing more to give or get from life, visited a place like India, out of their comfort zone and their way of life and they become reborn, have new life. They become people they never knew they were before. Infact, most of them became .2 versions of themselves that they never thought possible. You don't have to wait for old age to allow this experience to happen to you. You don't have to go to India to become alive and reborn. You can go wherever you heart leads you and that's the beauty about traveling. Pick a place, any place and open your heart, then allow the change to take effect in your life.

This is my dream my loves, my dream is for all women to experience this rebirth, this renewal of the mind, body and soul. I know other passions can do this for other people, whether it be painting, music or song. But for my I have found it through traveling. I love activities that allows me to think, to grow, to explore and most of all to show me what I can't seem to see when I'm in a routine or in a rut in life. I can't seem to see my blessings, the favours on my life, until I step out of that bubble. I meet amazing people, have deep, heart churning conversations, make unforgettable memories that unlike things doesn't need to be replaced, thrown out or upgraded. They go with me wherever I go, in my heart, in my mind and in my soul. As a new year approaches, I want you to think about what your life means to you right now. Do you know your purpose, your calling? Have you discovered that 1 dream or goal that makes you heart dance, your body quiver with excitement and fear? Do you feel alive, excited or fulfilled? If not why not give travel a chance to help you. Isn't it worth it more than anything else in this world to make your life happier, more fulfilled and more meaningful, a life that you can look back on and be proud that you have lived. I know for me that's everything!

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