5 tips to create real happiness in your life

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Happiness is everything to me and all of my decisions in my life comes from this really important thing. It may not be as important to you but I urge you to make it a priority. Too many people are walking around life feeling rejected, frustrated and all round unhappy and so I wanted to share with you my 5 tips to create happiness in your life.


1.     Attitude- Many people may disagree with this but I am telling you happiness is a choice. Life is about challenges, ups and downs, the richest person has bad days and so does the happiest person because we are all humans and this is the world that we live in. Nothing is given on a silver platter but in the end you have to choose to be happy. There is no point walking through life with self pity and expecting everyone to bend over backwards for you because you are unhappy. If that is your attitude then you will always be unhappy because people have their own lives to be concerned with than to always cater to your needs. Until you make that conscious choice to choose happiness in all of your situations, good or bad then you would always remain in the state that you are in at this time.


2.     Knowing you are loved unconditionally- As a Christian and a Godly woman I walk through life with happiness knowing I am taken cared of. Faith is one step more than just believing. With faith it’s knowing although you have not seen the evidence just yet. So my faith that someone who is much larger than myself, larger than this universe and everyone in it, loves me and wants to make me happy allows me to walk assured that I will always be happy. But not only about spirituality because we can be happy just knowing as well that someone here on this earth loves us just as unconditionally as well. Our parents, our kids, our spouse or family. But we do know that when we’re having a bad day at the office or at work, the thought of going home to a loved one gives us that reassured feeling deep down inside. We know that whatever we do and whatever we say regardless, we will always be loved and this fact alone will bring us much happiness and joy.



3.     Being creative- Creativity in this sense does not mean artistic, drawings and making beautiful displays for all to see. Creativity means being yourself and drawing on your feelings and passions on the inside. All of us know the times when we are doing things that we love and have such a deep passion for is when we are the most happiest. Those of us who remember our school days know that when we followed our friends and did things we didn’t want to do we were always so unhappy. But the day we decided to say no and do what we wanted inside was the day we discovered our voice and our true self. You need to express who you inside, being the authentic you and not the you that you want everyone to love. When we do this we will find the most happiest because we are no longer pretending but we are being who we truly are inside.


4.     Adding value- This is so crucial and many of us do this everyday without even realising it and if you are not doing it then you are definitely missing out on some simple joys and happiness in your life. When you help others this brings joy to your own life believe it or not. This is why volunteering is so important and being kind and hospitable. When we serve others we get a chance to focus on someone other than ourselves because some of us can be in our own heads a little touch. Worrying and stressing over things that when we take a step back and do something for others we soon realise that our dramas are not as important as we thought. It gives us a chance to step out of ourselves and help others who are most in need. This can be through motivating and encouraging, giving food, shelter or clothing or just giving money. It doesn’t matter what you give but I can assure you the feeling will be same as long as you give from the heart.


5.     Continuously learning and exploring- my final point to happiness is always willing to learn and do something new. If you are going through life feeling like you know it all, you will never be happy. A person who knows it all will never try something new, they will never explore something different and they will never listen to anyone else’s tips, advise or suggestion because hey, they know it all! It’s actually quite funny because this world that we are living in is moving so fast that none of us can ever keep up and to think you have it all figured out is absurd and deeply foolish to be honest. What we need to realise that learning does not end in the classroom infact that was just following someone’s road map, that was laid out for us to follow like sheep and a shepherd. We need to learn for ourselves through experiences, meeting new people and trying new things. You need to step out of your comfort zone, get the blood boiling, find true excitement and just have some fun. We know that some of our happiest times was learning something new and just the anticipation of something unexpected is always a great thing that makes us deeply happy inside.

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