1st Group Tour Success!!!

As a new Tour Operating company I am extremely proud to announce the success of our very first Group day tour. We have had solo female tours before but this has been our very first group tour and it was just amazing.

The tour began at 9:30 am and included visits to the coastal windward side of the island including the new Argyle International Airport and a bit of inland viewing. The black point tunnel a huge beautiful natural attraction on the windward side of the island and an amazing lookout at the top of the mountain seeing the vast expanse of the valley below were just a few stops in our tour.

The tour was accompanied by my recipe of homemade banana bread, local fruit juices and the pick of sweet and juicy local fruits that were in season. I am so blessed and grateful to Betsy and her family for choosing Zanur Tours to show them our beautiful island St Vincent and the Grenadines. We here at Zanur Tours are on a mission to providing local authentic tours to visitors to the islands while allowing the local people especially women to benefit from the tourism sector instead of larger companies. To allow our women to meet new people and interact with the wider world on a larger scale. As we grow and progress as a company my dream is to include more women/female guides throughout the island allowing cross interactions with adventurous female travellers and local women. Our ladies can have another option in the choice of jobs and careers and dare to dream of a better life than what they currently have. In this process they would impact foreigners and give them a real taste of the famous Vincentian hospitality and to have a bit of our beautiful culture and attractions.



This is what Betsy had to say about her tour with us:

We had a fantastic time touring St.Vincent with Zanurtours. Our guides were welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable about their beautiful island. We only had a few hours to see the island and it was packed with wonderful coastal views, villages, Mesopotamia Valley, Black Point Tunnel and the trip to the Montreal Gardens. We could have easily spent several days with Valerie, Dexter and Victor Byron (our guides) to see more but we were unable.

I would highly encourage anybody wanting a local, friendly and delightful time seeing St. Vincent to schedule a tour or a week with this team. 

Banana bread, fresh fruit and spring water were a delicious treat on our journey too!
— Betsy

What an amazing group of people! Thanks again Betsy for believing in our philosophies and showing us our dreams can come through one tour at a time!!!

Love and Blessings,


Jack Stone