9 Mornings - A Unique Vincentian Tradition

Have you noticed that Christmas is around the corner? It's my favourite time of the year especially so because of this unique Vincentian festival called 9 mornings. So I was in the process of creating my own 9 mornings presentation but then I found this amazing video on youtube that I thought said all that I wanted to say with beautiful vivid images and a much better presentation voice than mine.... believe me I know!!Watching this video made my longing and nostalgia so much more intense but I was reassured that seeing this is no comparison to being there in real life.

Have a look and tell me if you aren't wishing you'll be there this Christmas!

9 Mornings is like no other festival celebrated anywhere else and as a child I remember I could't wait to travel to the capital on these cool early mornings to enjoy it. Not only was I looking forward to the entertainment but also the various local foods and fruits that are on sale there. The lovely aroma of hot cocoa tea and the taste of bakes and saltfish cakes, fresh oranges and much much more. This festival is for families and friends to gather and have fun, being entertained by each other.

I would be traveling to St. Vincent and the Grenadines this Christmas season and of course I will be there for the start and finish of this beautiful festive time. I am opening 4 spots for whomever wishes to join me and experience this tradition with my family and I.  First come first served...... can't wait to see who will be joining us.

If you know anyone who ever spoke of traveling to the Caribbean, especially during a chilly winter and wants to have a true experience while on vacation. Forward them this email or encourage them to sign up for the newsletter on our website. Have a great week.

Jack Stone