Developing Your Travel Mindset

This week we kick off MINDSET month!! This is a special topic for me because I am such a firm believer in what we believe we make happen. I believe if we want something enough we will move mountains and water to achieve it and so I thought it a fitting topic to explore when we speak about traveling also. 

When we think about travel it’s always about going to a new destination, somewhere different from our usual location. Away from our home base of work, family and routine everyday life.

This I understand can be a bit overwhelming for some people and for others it’s a true adventure. Traveling with a group, a spouse, a friend or family no problem, everybody is fine with that but when we speak about traveling by ourselves then everyone starts thinking hmmm…I don’t know about that one.

We don’t have to go into the whole why we need to travel story, but incase you need a reminder please find my guest blog article on my now mentor’s blog,, where I wrote an article entitled All of God’s children need traveling shoes.

So to begin I need for you to determine what makes you happy. What are the things in your life now that you do or have that makes you happy? What kind of things do you want to achieve or obtain in the future that you think will make you happy?

These questions would help you determine your values and your aspirations. Believe it or not these are things that keep us going in life. These are things, when you wake up and think about makes your life worthwhile. These things make us what we become. For eg. If your desire is to have as much money as you can get. You will soon realise everything you do and every decision you make would be because of this reason. It may even cause you to make questionable choices, some you never thought you would ever have made!

They become your values and these are so important. So a positive example is your desire to learn, grow and become a better you. You realise that travel allows you to be happy, to grow and experience new things. You then start to make decisions that would lead you to travel, because your core value is becoming a better you. Do you see where I’m getting with this?

So I want you to sit down and write out what are your values in life. What are the things you want to achieve, not just the physical things but dig deeper and think about the emotional feelings you want to have. Is it happiness, security, freedom, love?

When you figure this out for yourself this would be the starting point for working on your mindset. This entire month we will be looking each week at creating a Traveler's mindset and by extension creating a positive mindset that would help you in your everyday life.

Stick with me as we explore this topic, it’s going too be so interesting.


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Jack Stone