How to Travel to more Destinations for less

This is an Update on this old blog post created at the beginning of the year. I honestly just wanted my first email to be informative for your travels for the New Year. That is why I wanted to show you how to get multiple trips from your vacation and it was 2 simple ways, I've now added 1 more. 

1. Make use of transit destinations and layovers- When I plan my vacations I usually like to see where else I can squeeze in while I am on that tip. I love to travel but I hate the process of travelling if that makes sense. I wish I could close my eyes and arrive at my destinations because I hate all the airport hassles and the sitting on a long flight, cramped with people for ages. That’s why when I travel especially to far destinations I love to squeeze in another place while I’m already there. I did exactly that on my Caribbean vacation. Currently St. Vincent and the Grenadines has an International airport that is due to open on 14th February 2017. Until then to get there we need to transit into one of the other Caribbean islands nearby. I have never been to Puerto Rico for any length of time although I transited through there going to New York a couple years ago. Therefore, I decided that we would spend 2 days there then connect with our regional flight onwards to SVG. 

In order to do this you need to ensure you have done proper research to ensure that you have correct documentation that is needed for the layover, ensure that you are not overreaching and blowing your travel budget for this layover country and that you have sufficient time to enjoy the destination. DO NOT FORGET YOUR VISAS. Some passports require visas to travel to other countries so before you travel please ensure you have checked if you need a visa and ensure you have sufficient time to apply and obtain it if going forward. For example myself holding a Vincentian passport I need a US Visa to pass through or visit any American territory, Puerto Rico being one I needed to ensure my visa was intact and had sufficient time on it for the return as well. I did have a scare before my travels when I couldn't find my old passport that has the visa in it, I literally had to turn my house upside down and I finally found it and I was extremely happy and grateful when I did!

Another thing is that I am the type of traveller who loves to have long days at my destination, seeing multiple sites all day and getting back to my hotel room dog tired, excited to start the next day. My International flight from London got into Puerto Rico around 4 in the afternoon. The plan was to check in and explore the surrounding areas as we booked a hotel near to the beach that was also near to the airport luckily.  We could view the beach early in the morning before it got too crowded and then visit the Old San Juan town.  I also planned a gorgeous tour of the bioluminescent water but wasn’t able to take photos as it was in a kayak at night. The final day was an early start to the airport to get our connection on wards to SVG. It was short but I got all I wanted to do as the area was very busy and buzzing we had multiple choices for meals and we enjoyed the short stay while staying within budget. That was the plan but always remember that not everything will work out as planned, it is part of life be aware and act accordingly lol.

2. My second advice is to look for a long weekend and book flights to a nearby destination. Remember most of the time when you book your flights early you usually get a cheaper price than waiting last minute. Look for nearby destinations that you also wanted to travel and either book it for a long weekend or do another stop over on your way back home. I really wanted to take my husband to Barbados to visit my family and explore the beautiful island and we also chose to welcome the New Years there. It was an amazing getaway trip, the weather was amazing, the beaches were brilliant, which we went to everyday as it was right across the road from where we were staying. We visited the Harrisons natural limestone cave and did a tour around the island. As always the 3 days were packed with activities and when we got home we felt like those days were well spent and enjoyed. We got back into SVG with treasured memories and wanted to spend even more time with our family and friends.  

When traveling to long haul destinations it's usually extremely tiring and it can be such a drag. I usually look for ways to break up the long time and ensure we enjoy the trip to the fullest. The next time you plan to travel to a far destination look into doing short stopovers or booking a long weekend within that trip to other destinations nearby that you would love to explore.

3. Crusies- I wanted to add this one because it is indeed a brilliant way to see more destinations for cheaper and have an amazing time. This is brilliant for families with small children and older people but more and more it is becoming the go to way for young adult and couples. I have been reading about brilliant cruises for single women. This is especially for the Greek islands and it sounded amazing. There are ones for couples or there are just regularly cruises for everyone as well. Soon my hubby and I would be looking to experience a cruise and it's really not as expensive as some may think. There are a lot of companies out there that does amazing prices for cruises such as Thompson's Crises and for smaller companies I almost booked with IGLU cruises in the UK. They sell all the cruise companies and would look for the cheapest deals for the destinations you want to go to. You can pickup the cruise at multiple different ports just ask for the country you wish to cruise from. You would then need to budget flights to this destination but on off season you can get some terrific deals. Just be dedicated to search for the best deals. You can do from 3 night cruises all the way up to 14 days and some do even longer which would be more expensive but they are available nonetheless. Imagine sitting on a huge hotel, wth amazing entertainment, food and facilities and then get to stop everyday at a new destination. This is not only for the wealthy, this form of travel is becoming more and more accessible to regular people who are smart and can grab a bargain. If you need any help with the companies I myself have been in contact with and for any assistance you may need feel free to send me an email and I would be happy to assist or give some practical advice.

Hope these tips give you some thought for your next long haul travel, you can try to pull out one of these tricks out of your bag or just go full on and do the cruise. Send me an email if you agree or don't agree with these tips, I'll love to have your feedback. You can then add so much more to your bucket list, you can read mine here.

Have a blessed week.


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Jack Stone