I'm Finally Home For Christmas

After a long tiring journey I made it safely home and immediately I hit the road running. We arrived on a flight that got in at midnight and my parents were there to welcome us. It felt so good, the air was warm, the breeze was cool and the sky was bright. Driving home I took in as much as I could see while my mom stopped at a local bakery to get us some freshly baked warm bread. The smell was intoxicating and I had my fill. I couldn’t wait to hit the beach and it was all I could think about as I tucked into bed that early morning.

We have already been to one 9 mornings event. I admit waking at 4am when I’m on vacation is extremely hard as I am constantly tired from my days activities. But we got up at 4am, took in some 9 mornings activities in our local village which by the way was amazing. Singing and dancing with games for the locals to take part in. We then took a walk to a natural salt pond nearby where we had the entire beach and pond to ourselves at 7 in the morning. The water was warm and felt so good I didn’t want to come out. After that we walked to our new International Airport that is due to open soon. We took a snoop around the structure and even walked on the runway it was daring and so much fun!!! After that really long walk that brought us home at 9 am, I took a short rest and was ready to go again. My sister was coming in that night from studying abroad and I couldn’t wait for my entire family to be reunited as it’s the first time we have all been together since I got married for Christmas.

We had to venture into Kingstown the capital of the country where mostly everything happens and the Christmas feeling was everywhere. Small villages on the way to town are lit up with christmas lights telling their own Christmas stories. Shops are decorated and Christmas songs are being blasted from every speaker. Christmas season in SVG is like no other. Festivities, families, food and fun. We took a drive to the leeward side of the country and took a short boat tour to see the area from the sea and it was truly breath taking. Our water taxi driver/tours guide Otto was informative and helpful, he is one of our trusted sea tour operators at Zanur Tours and we would be going with him again for our trip to Falls of Belene after Christmas.

Take a look at our view and our trip….it was really good.

Well my lovelies for the rest of the week my sisters, my mom and I would be baking our traditional cakes and bread, planning our Christmas menu AND awaiting the arrival and reunion of more families and friends. I'd be drinking black wine, vita malt, sorrel juice and puncha cream while eating black, red velvet and fruit cake. I know one of my New Years resolution would be to loose the Christmas weight! I hope you plan to indulge in your own special Christmas traditional foods as well. There is nothing else for me to say but.

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS andA HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your entire family. I pray that you ALL have a wonderful time having fun with families and friends. This would be my final email for 2016, so until 2017……


UpdateJack Stone