I've Had Some WINS and So Can You

This last week have been crazy with me on the countdown to vacation, I was still able to have a major WIN with my very first International Experiential Travel and Tours Consultation with an amazing lady in Atlanta. The consultation went so well that she will be booking her first tour with us for Easter and would hopefully be enjoying the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Easter Raguatta. Yay for us both, I was extremely proud of myself and happy to assist another lady on her solo travel journey to see the world and experience new cultures. You don’t have to miss out I’d be providing more consultations soon for the New Year. 

I had the best conversation and consultation with Zanny Byron Davis. I met her through this group and we’ve been chatting ever since. Planning a trip in April. Kudos to Zanny on winning!!!
— Octevia

On the other hand, I have made it into Puerto Rico!!!!! Yay me after a 5 hour plane ride from Cyprus to UK and then 8 hours 45 minutes from London into Puerto Rico, we arrive and the warm humid temperature hits me and I’m in heaven. I am not a fan of flying but I absolutely love to visit different destinations, I would suffer the ordeal just to arrive and experience something new and exciting.

Puerto Rico is just amazing it’s a mixture of the US, Spanish culture and situated right in the Caribbean it has the Caribbean flavour, what can be better!!!!!

The next couple of days I would be landing in the land of my birth, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I cannot wait but meanwhile I’ll be enjoying as much as time will permit me on the island of Puerto Rico (said in a Spanish accent) try it HHAAHAH.

If you’re not enjoying my emails send me an email with suggestions I’d really love to hear and if you are enjoying it, send it to a friend who you think will enjoy hearing my little stories, updates and information. I am currently working on a really valuable Experiential travel checklist that would be available FREE on my website. Be on the lookout for this I promise to try my best to make it a must have document for you guys.

Until we speak again when I'm in Vincy.

    UpdateJack Stone