My Vacation Countdown!!!

I am super excited this week not only because of course it's Christmas time and is my favourite time of the year, all the radio stations are playing carols and all the parties and get togethers have begun, but also on Friday my hubby and I would be jetting off on our vacation and this also includes being home with my family and friends this year and enjoying our special unique festival 9 mornings.

We had this vacation planned for awhile and includes a couple of days in Puerto Rico, then onwards to St. Vincent and the Grenadines where we would be celebrating Christmas, reuniting with my family and friends and indulging in all things Christmas, get togethers, activities and of course beaches and sightseeing which would all be planned by me. We will then be spending a couple of days in Barbados and then back to the other side of the world. So I am absolutely ecstatic as it's starting to get very chilly here and I would be heading to the warmth and the sunshine.

I wish you could have accompanied me, I really do as 9 mornings is going to be absolutely amazing, I would have to endeavour to keep you posted as much as possible. But I want to encourage you to spend this special time with loved ones, try your best to relax and just have fun. Be thankful for your life and be grateful for all the things that you have that others may not have at this time. Also while you're reflecting, plan all the amazing things that you would like to do for the New Year. Do not be afraid to dream and NEVER be afraid to aspire for greater things. We were never made to be mediocre or to settle, we were made to aspire and to achieve great things.

Have a bless week my dear and wish me a safe journey, hear from you soon.

UpdateJack Stone