Picking Your Destination - Part 1

I would do a 3 part series on ‘picking your travel destination’. We will look at the process that I use to pick a destination to travel, using the resources I have available to me and considering what I would love to get from my trip. We are all resourceful women especially those of us who are mommies. So just like you, I like to put my resourcefulness to good use and make my trip an absolutely amazing one.

To date I have travelled to over 26 destinations and counting. I am always on the lookout for travel opportunities and keeping in mind flight time because I hate long haul flying, my budget (for the trip) and time frame (I had a full time day job at the time). So let’s dive right into my process.

We need to decide firstly the length of time we wish to travel for.  For me if I have a few days (2-5 days) I want to go somewhere near to me 2 hours flight maximum. For the purpose of this article we would assume we want a small getaway, probably to test our solo traveling skills and probably just to get away and unwind or to add some adventure to your otherwise boring life. So we want a couple of days away to somewhere interesting to do whatever activity we decide we want to do to unwind or have fun. 

Another thing we may want to consider is, who do we know at any destination at all? Do we know anyone who have traveled somewhere and had an amazing time? For a first time traveller I would suggest traveling to a destination where you know someone or you maybe a little bit familiar with, as in it maybe similar to your own country or someone you know have been there and had an amazing time. Trust me you do not want your first ever destination to be somewhere completely different from what you are accustom to and you have no first hand information about, because this can be a huge problem. I once read about a young woman going to India for her first solo journey and the culture shock that she experienced was so horrible, she was traumatised from traveling for a while!! Ladies we DO NOT want this, believe me.

Destinations I have traveled to so far are:

Grenada New York Germany India
St. Lucia Atlanta France Israel
Dominica Georgia Netherlands Doha
Barbados Canada Sweden  
Trinidad Washington DC United Kingdom  
Puerto Rico Atlantic City Cyprus  
Cuba Greece  
Tobago Cays      
Grenadines Islands      

So to begin with I suggest writing a list of all the destinations you would love to travel to at some point in your life. Just sit down and write out a list. It may seem unnecessary, especially for someone like me who literally hate to hold a pen and write, cause I’m so lazy to write!!!  But when you write I realise it makes what you’re doing so much more real. The act of writing imprints the information in your mind and seeing it on paper makes it much more achievable. So don’t be lazy take out a piece of paper and a pen and write down a list of destinations you want to travel too.  That is step 1, next week we will discuss specific activities that we may want to do at each destination. I will help you, don’t worry. I will be on this journey with you every step of the way. Send me an email with your list of destinations. I’d love to see where my resourceful ladies would love to travel to. Do you have any of the destinations I have been on your list? Share with me and don’t forget to invite a friend who would love to go on this journey with us. We are learning to travel resourcefully like a pro.
Speak to you soon loves.


Jack Stone