Picking Your Destination - Part 2

So in the first email we started discussions on picking your travel destination. This week we will continue and explore different activities that you would want to do on your travels.

I have different desires when I think of traveling. There are times when I have a few days for example my last birthday my husband and I planned an amazing 4 day trip to Jerusalem, Israel and we did an all-inclusive tours and stay there.  Read about my experience here http://www.zanurtours.com/blog. This is because we wanted to do different activities but there are holidays that I did that just included lazing around at a beach and pool because I just wanted to unwind and relax myself on these trips. 

So a very big question, WHY do you want to travel? 

Have you ever took the time to think about why you want to travel? Is it just to see different places, take some pics in front of a well-known site and post on social media for your friends to see what an amazing life you have or is it for something more.  Do you want to travel to experience new things, to widen your horizon and become a more fulfilled enlightened person? The latter is definitely my WHY. I absolutely believe that travel makes me a better person. It makes me more grateful, more confident and definitely happier. After the buzz of airports, train stations etc getting to somewhere new just fills me with pure joy.I love this feeling so much that even when I’m having a down day I just think of a destination I would love to go to soon and I immediately start planning in my head. How I am going to get there (financially and logistically). Just the simple thought of travelling makes me happy and strengthens me to face my problems head on.

Is picking your activities influenced by your other half or probably traveling with kids? Then maybe something like an all-inclusive resort or a cruise would be right for you. Everything is pre planned for you and all you need to decide is what to eat for dinner. These things are great for families as they are usually a wide range of activities for adults as well as the kids. Everyone has a great time with little or no stress. The only thing is that these holidays are usually more costly but we will get to that in our final part of picking a destination-Budget and resources.

Other factors that may influence you picking your destination could be weather, are you a hot weather person or a cold weather person? I am definitely a hot weather person haha but I have been to cold destination just to experience something different.

Have you already made your list of destinations you want to travel to? Thank you ladies I have received a few emails with your list and they are amazing. I was even reminded that I left two destination off of my own list, which was Washington D.C and Atlantic City (dancing while I say this). I have already started writing my other list of places I want to go next and I know you saw Greece (soon) on the list ahaha. This week’s activity is to think and write all of the things you want to experience on your travels. Here’s a simple worksheet I started for you, just simply fill in some of your own. Feel free to send me your completed list or just write me and let me know what more information you would love to get from me regarding your travel aspirations.

Activity Worksheet

I would be getting into some deep information over the next couple of weeks. If you no longer want to be bombarded by yet more emails, please feel free to unsubscribe to the bottom of this email. We would be sad to see you go but we'd rather have happy community members than annoyed ones.

Love and Blessings always.


Jack Stone