Picking Your Destination - Part 3: Resources and Budget

Ok I’ve gotten to the one I think you all have been waiting for and I will just touch on this topic today and go more deeper next month when we start budgeting for your BIG travel.
This factor has a huge influence on our travel. People tell me all the time I don’t know how you can afford to travel. Or I can’t travel because I just cant afford it.

To this I say NONSENSE!!

It’s all about priorities just like everything else in life. I know travel means so much to me that I have a separate account set aside for my travels. This account I swindle away a little every month to accumulate to indulge my passion for travel.
We all have resources available to us and as women we need to put these into practise when we think about travel. Here are 5 ways to use your resources and find budget to travel:

  1. Who do you know at a destination?- Do you have a friend living in another country? Are you able to contact them and plan a reunion of some sort. Even if they are not able to accommodate you, they can sure meet up and show you around. After all that’s what friends are for. Maybe you need to be a bit more flexible with your travel dates so they can accommodate you, but so what? It’s going to save you much needed time and money, so do it!
  2. Sacrifice- Ladies many a days my co-workers are shopping online for new clothes and shoes and I restrict myself because I’m thinking about the next place I want to travel to. I put the little bit I would have spent on a new dress or shoes (that I don’t even wear) into my travel fund and voila- travel money!!! Cut down on bills, use less water, turn off electricity when not in use. Biggest watch your phone bills, use whats apps for calls and wifi for data. You don’t need a contract phone bill! That’s just unnecessary money being wasted. Find every way to save more, every little helps.  Challenge yourself start by putting aside atleast $50 a month until the time you want to travel and then the amount you accumulate see where that can take you.
  3. Be flexible- Don’t be as restrictive with your travel time unless you absolutely cannot help it. Like obviously parents who have to travel during school holidays or you have time restrains with work etc. Traveling on a weekend and school holidays hotels and airfare are much more expensive than during the week especially for airfare this rule applies. Think about major festivals and holidays like Easter. These times are much more expensive as there is a high demand this time than other times. So try to avoid traveling unless you WANT to see these things at your destination. For eg. I knew traveling to Jerusalem at Easter would have been manic with pilgrimage, so I avoided it like the plague.
  4. Currency strength- Think about how far your currency can go at a particular destination. How much is your US$ going to be in Europe as Europe is quite an expensive destinations. Would it be worth it to go somewhere like the Caribbean where you can get more for your money. Or even staying within the USA or going over the border to Canada and maybe Mexico. Use services like paypal to make payments which would help with currency conversion fees and exchange rate differences.
  5. Deals- pick your travel destinations where there are deals. If you are a solo traveller and you just want to travel, to build your list or just to learn as much as you can then any destination would do right! Google flight deals or try sites like sky scanner or fare compare and wherever has a price you can afford, then go there!!! You'd be amazed at some really good deals that airlines have sometimes. 
  6. Finally, Traveling in your own backyard- Don’t ever underestimate the power of traveling closer to home. You can learn so much by just looking around and visiting places close to you or even an hour trip. Here in Cyprus every chance I get I take the time to go to another city, to explore and be a tourist even though I’ve been living here for 2 years. There are loads of little villages I haven’t been to as yet and it was the same when I was in SVG. My friends and I would plan trips to different places, spend long week in the grenadines and I was even a part of the hiking club while I was in school. I loved every minute of it! We went to different places I have never been to, different experiences and it was amazing.



Figure out how much you want to attempt to put aside every month for travel. Work on your MINDSET this is so important and I will also be going into this over the coming weeks. Create a plan or strategy to disciple yourself and work on your priorities. I promise you if travel is one of the top entries to your priorities list; you will condition your mind that you would save x amount every month to go towards your travel goals. You can do it! I know you can. If you need help reach out to me I’ll help you get on track. I’d be working on an easy budget worksheet that we can use in the coming months. Please stay in touch!


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Love and Blessings


Jack Stone