Simple Tips and Advice To Get You Started. Mini Series - Part 1

Are you an aspiring solo traveler? - Read my mini series for tips and advice to get you started!

Over the past few days I have been doing a lot of research and even started a new challenge to plan the way forward for Zanur Tours. If you follow me on social media you would have seen my ‘Where I create’ post and picture of my work space and where I get my head in the game.

I am so proud of myself with what I have accomplished over the last few days with your help and feedback, I have discovered the direction that I now wish to take Zanur Tours and the community in. So over the next few days I am going to share with you some tips and advise that I used on my solo traveling journey and address some of the fears and frustrations that you expressed to me in the surveys.

I'll begin these tips with today's topic How to travel the world in a safe and secure way as a solo female traveler. 

Growing up on a small caribbean island we were always watching television when we weren't outside playing and I knew from an early age I knew I wanted to travel and see the world. Therefore, in secondary school I joined the Girl Guides association. I was always a shy child but I also liked to be adventurous and learn new things and I loved being a guide. We did all kinds of fun things outdoors and I learnt responsibility and leadership in my patrol. So I was even more super excited when I was picked to go on the yearly 'Camp Jamboree" which is a worldwide camp hosted in different countries by the world association of Girl Guiding and Girl scouts. To my surprise and amazement that year we were going to Sweden and England.

The trip was planned and scheduled in such a brilliant way, it was 1 month long. The first week we went directly to the camp place in Sweden, it was a huge place as far as the eyes can see and we slept in tents and cooked by camp fire and was one of the most amazing trips I have had up to this day and its always in my fondest memories. The next week we spent in the home of a Swedish family of our fellow scouts/ guide. Three of us girls from St. Vincent and the Grenadines stayed with Charlotta and her older brother with their family in an area in Stockholm. We explored the culture of the country with them, they took us sightseeing, hanged out with their friends, ate their moms home cooked food and honestly I am not lying it was the first time I actually sat down and watched Olympics athletics at 16 years old with my host dad in his attic tv, it was amazing!!!!!!

After that most amazing 2 weeks filled with new adventures, loads of swedish culture and forming amazingly memorable friendships it was off to 2 weeks stay in England with our own friends and families. I am forever grateful to my parents who fortunately for me was able thank God to afford the trip for me and I can tell you that was the beginning of my thirst for travel, exploring new cultures and seeing new places. From that trip I realised and learned one essential lesson and that was as women we aspire to travel and see the world but we'll enjoy it way more if we had someone to take us around, show us the local lifestyle, stay in a  safe place with people who we trust and would grow to know even more. 

So my solution to ensuring that you are safe and secure in a destination that you wish to travel too is to travel to a destination where you know someone or can get to know. That is one thing you should know about Caribbean people which can be a good and a bad thing. We absolutely try our best to travel to destinations where we know someone, its' smart, its' safe and more importantly helps with your budget!!!. Oh the stories I can tell you on this is too numerous but I promise I will give more information on this later.

Your friend can either recommend somewhere for you to stay that they know or if you are really close to this person they can invite you to stay with them. If this is done and you accept please offer to pay for something, if they refuse then you will feel much better knowing that you have offered and if they accept then that means you have done the right thing. This shows your friend that you are not using them for this trip as well. But this is the absolute safest way to stay when traveling to a new destination, get advise on places to stay or stay with your friend.

That's my top tip to ensure safety and security when starting a solo travel mission, coming up we would look at How to immerse yourself in the local culture, lifestyle and feel more apart of your destination. This would allow you to learn new things and explore your own dreams and fullfillment.

Hope you stick with me throughout this new series because I honestly believe I have so much important tips and information to give to you that will surely assist you in your decision to just DO IT! THAT IS TRAVEL.

If you think you have some tips and advise to ensure safety and security when you are traveling to a new destination, send me an email or hit me up on social media, I would be so happy to hear from you. Speak soon my dears.

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