The Day History Was Made!! So Proud To Be A Vincentian

Valentine’s Day was indeed a day of Love, pride and genuine happiness for the Vincentians on the island and in the wider diaspora worldwide. We all tuned in to witness the significant occasion when our long awaited International Airport had its first International flight and opened its doors to travellers of the world.
It was a joyous occasion for everyone as the day was declared a National Holiday on the island and persons went to the airport dressed from head to foot in red just like my beloved mother (cringe) in support of both Valentine’s Day celebration and to support their political party that was responsible for the infrastructure on the island.

I am especially happy for this facility as it means the development of our tourism industry on the island and opening our tiny island to the rest of the world to enjoy. I love the fact that our island is tiny, it has its own unique charm and very much less developed compared to many other Caribbean islands surrounding us. I love the fact that it’s a hideaway with beautiful beaches, waterfalls and many more natural attractions but I also want it to be easily accessible to visitors and to welcome the world (in small doses) to our shores. This airport would bring wider development to the country as well; Socially, Economically and Financially. I’m so very excited to fly back home direct from my destination for the first time EVER. Be on the lookout for direct flights to SVD from your own destination soon.


Jack Stone