Winner of 7 Days Tour Revealed

Winner Revealed

Today we made the big reveal and announced the winner of the Zanur Tours 7 days  tour package that was up for grabs on launch day of this website.

Pabi my trusted friend and coworker did the honours to pick the winner from our draw. Have a look at our very first DIY video below where the winner is revealed…..

Huge congratulations to Stephanie on winning the 7 days Zanur Tour package, I am so excited for you because you are going to have the most amazing time of your life on the island.

But if you are not Stephanie and did not win this amazing prize, no worries because Zanur Tours is now offering a whopping 20% discount to the very first person to book a tour with us in the next coming weeks.

Congratulations again to Stephanie, you have your amazing vacation in the Caribbean confirmed. You just need to book your flight and pack your suitcase!!!

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