Travel Mindset Part 2

Quick question, do you want to be prepared mentally for travel? After you have thought about your values and your desires and you have decided yes I want to travel. You now feel nervous because you will have to go alone. You have no other half as yet, your friends are not interested or are not able to go when you want too or you just want to get away by yourself.

Traveling is exciting, it’s fun, it’s liberating, freeing and all things explorative and adventurous and I absolutely love it. It is easier to think than to do also I must admit. We all have fantasies of traveling the world, going to a new place and seeing new sites but when it comes to planning the actual trip, looking for flights, accommodations, things to do I admit it becomes stressful and overwhelming.

Unless you have loads of money to spend, then these things don’t matter as much. It takes time to find and then to make up your mind and invest in a trip or holiday. Us women, we have no pains about shopping for a new bag, shoes or clothes because we know the feeling we get when we wear these pretty things. We feel confident, we feel beautiful and so amazing. The thing about travel is that it gives us this same feeling but it’s not as immediate.

Now we can sit at our computers and shop for clothes and shoes, when we get them we try them on and if we don’t like we return. Or we go back to the shop and get a refund or an exchange. With travel it's different, if you didn’t get what you wanted from a trip you can’t get a refund or ask for an exchange.

Also travel depends on other factors not just us like weather and other service people. With shopping or investing in education, we know when we buy it’s up to us to make the best of it and to be honest with travel it’s kind of the same. When you buy that plane ticket and book that hotel or tour, it’s up to you to make it amazing. You have to have that mindset of yes, I’m going to xyz and I’m going to have a blast. I’m going to learn about a new culture, eat new food, meet new people. It has to be your drive and your motivation.

Some of the frequent questions I get are:
How do I get over being nervous about traveling?
How do I prepare myself mentally for traveling?
How do I travel and have fun and let loose while being such an introvert?

Ladies my number 1 advise to get over these fears and answer these questions is to do YOUR RESEARCH!

This is so very important because when you do adequate research you feel more confident, you have a plan and you feel more familiar. Yes us humans love familiarity, we are comfortable with things we know and are accustom too. Learn as much as you can about the logistics of the place, the lifestyle, the people, read online forums, groups and ask people who have been there before. I promise you will feel so much more well equipped to set out on your journey.

There is nothing like first hand information from someone who have been there and knows. Forums are so good for this, online communities such as FB groups and places like Quora. You can ask your questions and get real answers from real people who have experienced it or have done what you want to do.

Or you can be like my husband and just get me to do everything for you except pack (he is an expert packer, even packs my stuff and get all my cr*p to hold too). When we go on a trip, I do ALL the research, I book all the tickets and accommodation, I do everything else. All he has to do is take us to the airport and get on the flight then just enjoy. He is also one of those persons who is as not spontaneous!!

He is not comfortable until he knows everything is pre booked and organised down to what’s for dinner which night.
"What would we eat?" You ask me. My reply “when we get there we will see” He doesn’t like that.

I on the hand like to leave most things to the spur of the moment, the type of person who says yes to everything!! I can be sitting around doing something and someone says, “let’s go here or there”, without thinking I would say YES and then I’d remember I have other commitments. I had to compromise for my husband and do adequate research to ease his mind and make him feel more comfortable and confident in traveling.

When I started doing this, more for him than for me, I soon realised that it was so much easier to be prepared before hand. Not having to worry about how to get here or there or if we would find someone who speaks proper English or can give good directions to a great restaurants, yes I have been there before. It can be adventurous but so tiring and frustrating also.

Researching is a lot of work, it takes time but it is so worth it. This is why ladies aside from our tours in St. Vincent and the Grenadines I am also offering free resources, advise and 1:1 sessions to help you to develop your travel mindset and start putting these practises into action. I have travelled to over 20 plus destinations and yes counting and have lived in over 4 different countries in my short life. I know how to get around and I can help you too.

Be Prepared: For my HAPPY & POSITIVE MINDSET CHALLENGE COMING in a few weeks. Ladies I want us all to have a life that we are happy to wake up to everyday and where we can look into the next day thinking I CANT WAIT. But to do this it's not always easy and its not always automatic, we have to condition our minds to be on permanent happiness and positiveness and this will take you into every area of your life including TRAVEL.

So keep your eyes on the look out for this exciting 5 day challenge, invite your family and friends to be apart of this. Remember we are here to encourage and assist other women to be all that we are called to become.


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