Travel Mindset - Part 3

Thank you so much for sticking with me through this amazing Mindset series, I really do hope you have learnt a few things when it comes to developing your travel mindset.

I would wrap up this topic by speaking about managing your expectations when traveling. Having your values and aspirations sorted, then having done your research and now it’s time to spread your wings and fly.

Having decided on your destination, you have booked your flights and you are ready to go. But one big advise I would give to you now is to manage your expectations of this destinations. This is so important and this why many travellers leave a destination feeling let down or disappointed. You need to manage what you are expecting from this place. For e.g You have booked to an amazing destination like Eygpt, it sounds lovely seeing ancient ruins and having this whole history to devour. Then you get there you meet old dirty buildings, no one around and it just looks like a run down town. This is always expected in travel, in our minds eyes we are seeing a movie playing. Amazingly beautiful scenery, amazing weather, lovely people or maybe no one and then we show up the weather is horrible, overcast, loads of people and overcrowding, we can’t enjoy the site as you wanted. This is the reality lovelies, this is what most major destination are like!

I remember my trip to Puerto Rico, I was expecting such an amazing place, lovely food, taking lovely pictures. I saw all the lovely photos and read all the stories from travel bloggers who have been there. But I show up the weather was not great, that’s fine, we were tired from our flight. The next day was a Sunday we went to get a local bus into town. After walking for atleast 30mins that a local ‘bless her heart’ saw us and said to us the public buses didn’t work on a Sunday. So that was my days plan squashed as the few taxis were charging an exorbitant amount for a one way trip. We decided to go the beach that has a private entrance from our hotel. But the weather was not very nice for bathing and the so called best beach in the USA was not all that nice.

So that was my expectation squashed, on top of that I wanted to do a bioluminescent beach tour in the night and that was not on either as it was a weekend!! Like what nonsense for a tourist destination!!! All I could have done for the 2 days in Puerto Rico was walk about the little tourist town, walk on the wet sandy beach and stay on my hotel balcony having a chat with my husband. It doesn’t end there huns, the last few hours before bedtime, after havinga chat with a hotel employee I was told we could have called an Uber to take us into San Juan for less than ¾ of the price the other taxis were asking for!

‘Thanks for that love! For telling me this info now!!’

To say that Puerto Rico was a disappointment was an understatement, I didn’t necessarily think that at the time but looking back now it sure was. We even almost bought into a timeshare scheme as we were stuck at the hotel, thank goodness we got out of that before it was too late.

So ladies, do your research, decide on the approach you are going to take and then expect the unexpected in your travels. Top tip there huns, trust me. This helps to prevent culture shock also, according to the internet dictionary is defined as
‘the feeling of disorientation experienced by someone when they are suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes.’

I was speaking to one of my dear readers, thank you so much for taking the time to read my emails. She was telling me of her experience to Morocco and the huge culture shock she had because she didn’t research it as she should have and what she expected was definitely not what she got. After you have spent weeks budgeting, researching and counting down the days to your vacation, you do not want to have a major disappointment, believe me I know. But luckily for me I have my Travel Mindset loaded and Locked and no matter what happens on my travels, short of probably major injury or death God Forbid, I will always find a positive experience in it all. In my travel to Puerto Rico I got the experience of visiting Puerto Rico after all, doesn’t matter I didn’t get to see the places I wanted, I was still there, ate great food including the popular American restaurant Chilis’ and a huge burrito. That was really nice within itself and we got to relax before we got to our destination St. Vincent and the Grenadines, where the everyday issues take centre stage.

This leads me to introduce once more my HAPPY AND POSITIVE MINDET CHALLENGE ladies.

These emails this past few weeks, if you missed them click here for part 1 and here for part 2. This only goes to show you why you absolutely need to stay positive and happy throughout your life and into your traveling journeys.

Stay tuned next week for a full outline of the 5 day challenge. Were I give you exact details for each day and how we will go about it, spread the word ladies because I promise this challenge is going to be a game changer. You are going to be inspired to do all that you have created to be. Stay positive, happy and even helping others to achieve this same inner bliss. People who know you are going to ask you what changed and you are going to say you have a new outlook on life.

Lets get as much women on this challenge as possible, ladies helping ladies remember that.

Love and Blessings,