Top 5 Things You Need to be doing Every Single Day

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We've just came off an amazing 5 Days of happy and positive mindset building. For those of you who were on my 5 day challenge I know absolutely had a blast, as we were all sharing over in the fb group and once again I say thank you all for making it such a blessed week.

For those who weren't able to be apart of that amazing week, you did miss a treat but I wanted to highlight 5 things that you should be doing every single day to ensure that you stay happy and positive throughout your everyday life. 

1. Count your blessings-  Sitting down and writing all the good things in your life is so important so that we can take the time to acknowledge that we have them and to remind ourselves how important they are to our lives. Simple things as having health and strength we take for granted but there are many others out there who cannot count these to their blessings. So get into the habit of acknowledging all that you have been blessed with.

2. Express Gratitude- Being and having a grateful heart can be hard for some, but I believe after I have counted my blessings, I then like to say thank you for that blessing. Going further and thanking the people in our lives is also important so that they can be reminded that you do appreciate everything they do for you in your life. Tell your hubby or your friend thank you today.

3. Becoming and Staying motivated- We need to surround ourselves with positive reminders and things everyday to ensure that we remain in that groove of happiness and positivity. I love to read positive self help books, listen to inspirational music and working out every single day. It has been proven that exercising everyday can boost happiness in people tremendously. We need to actively seek out things that would keep us motivated throughout the day and put it into practise.

4. Positive Affirmations and Mantras- Its very important to believe in what we think and where we want to go and to believe we need to remind ourselves of that what we want to achieve. Saying something everyday to believe it is called Affirming that believe. This is why affirmations are so important, we need to write out the things we want to make happen and to reinforce it everyday. First thing in the morning and or the last thing at night. Try to say the things you wish to believe to yourself out loud preferably or do like me and make a voice note on your phone and listen to your own voice saying these things with conviction.

5. Going out and putting all these things in practise by doing something good for someone- The final thing we should try to do everyday to be happy and positive is to do something for someone else. Even better do it for a stranger. When we are happy and positive we look for ways to be of service to others. This helps you as well as the people we are helping. Go out and actively be of service to others.

That's it, the 5 top things you should be doing very single day to ensure that you stay happy and positive throughout your everyday. They are all super easy things that take but 5-30 mins of your life or more for exercising if you prefer but you can have no excuses as to why you cannot do these things because I can assure you I use them every singe day and they work!

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Stay happy and Blessed always,


P.S. If you are still not part of the empowering Facebook community I encourage you to hop over and get going here. I would be going live on day in the week to answer your question and to  foster the community, to support each other in whatever we maybe going through. Simply post your questions or discussion topic in the group or pm me and we can be off.

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