My Bucket List

To be honest, I have never really thought about my own bucket list until recently and I must say it’s super exciting to actually sit downnd think of all the things I want to do in my life and write it down. Then of course ticking them off is even more exuberating and I tell you, you need to try it!

Here is my list that was written only a short time ago, but includes loads of things that I really had to think through and google for inspiration as I just want to do everything and thats not good enough is it. You need to be detail and precise, so you can check it off as well. The asterix ones are what i have done so far.

1.     See the Northern Lights in person

2.    Visit Machu Picchu and Peru

3.     Whale watching

4.     Visit the Grand Canyon

5.     Visit landmarks in Australia

6.     Visit the Great wall of China

7.     Visit the Holy Land *

8.     Landmarks in Chile

9.     Visit Indonesian islands especially Bali

10.  Visit Bora Bora

11.  Discover paradise inFrench Polynesia

12.  Visit New York City *

13.  Ziplining *

14.  Visit Cuba *

15.  Visit Brazil

16.  Visit Rome Italy

17.  Become a mom

18.  Have a successful online travel businesses

19.  Visit all the Caribbean islands- almost there*

20.  Visit Paris, France *

21.  Visit Amsterdam, Netherlands *

22.  Visit Germany *

23.  Visit the Pyramids of Giza

24.  Do sky diving

25.  Ride a hot air balloon

26.  Swim with dolphins

27.  Paragliding

28.  Be excellent at Yoga

29.  Do archery

30.  Do clay shooting

31.  Learn to play a guitar

32.  Learn to read a music sheet

33.  Learn to sew *

34.  Learn to knit *

35.  Learn to paint artistically

36.  Become a travel and happiness life coach

37.  Develop general knowledge of important topics

38.  Learn to invest wisely and be financially free

39.  Have a romantic dinner at the top of an amazing rooftop

40.  Live in a house near to the beach or over looking a cliff with an amazing view

41.  Own a house with an infinitely pool in the Caribbean

42.  Help desperate young women to be independent and financially free

43.  Volunteer to help other people

44.  Get paid to Travel

45.  Try raw oysters

46.  Ride a Segway

47.  Be a part of a flash mop

48.  Go couture shopping in Paris

49.  Have high tea in London exclusive hotel

50.  Travel to every country in the world- Obviously!!

These are my top 50 activities and things I would like to do in my life. I am sure they would change as time goes go by but for now here are  my TOP 50. What about you, have you made your own bucket list? If not why not start today?

Stay happy and blessed,



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