6 Things you need to stop doing to ensure that you stay happy and positive

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Obviously there are things that we can do in our life to ensure that we have a happy and positive life but there are a few things that we need to STOP doing in order to be on the right track to happiness and positive thinking. These are 6 things that hinder us from achieving the life that we want to live.

1.     Stop blaming others for your circumstances – When we blame others for our circumstances and experiences in life we take the responsibility off of ourselves to change and react to these things. We feel much more helpless when we attribute the actions as caused by someone else other than ourselves. When we stop blaming others, we take matters into our own hands by realising that we can be that change.  We then can make the steps to change the things that we do not like in our lives instead of waiting on others to do it for us.


2.     Stop waiting for the right time – For some people, they need the right time to quit their job, the right time to start a family or the right time to start traveling. I do appreciate that there are absolutely wrong timing for big life changes but if you sit and wait for the right time, you soon realise there is never a RIGHT TIME. As we sit there waiting for this right time, we get depressed and unhappy in our wait and slowly the desires die from us and we settle back into our mediocre life, complaining to everyone we speak too but not doing anything about it.


3.     Let go of pessimistic mind-set and think optimistically – Being pessimistic can be so depressing, always looking at things in a negative light can be draining. I realised that just thinking about things negatively pulls down our spirit and our energy, we are already defeated. When we think optimistically we feel happier as we look to a bright future and something brilliant and exciting. Thought play a very important part in our wellbeing therefore, thinking positively is always a great idea no matter how dyer the situation. This does not mean being delusional about a situation but thinking about a realistic achievable outcome.


4.     Live mostly in the moment and not be as obsessed with the future – I understand we have aspirations for the future and things that we want to achieve but if you are constantly thinking about the future you miss out on fun things that happens in our everyday life. Living in the moment is one important thing that we have to try to do those of us who have big dreams for the future. We want to work work work now and have no time to relax enjoying our loved ones and the things that we have in the present.  There are ways that we can look towards the future while living in the moment such as having fun doing exercise whether walking or hiking because we know it would lead us to healthier and fitter lifestyle. On the flip side stop holding onto the past as well. Live for the present.


5.     Stop holding on to grudges and bitterness – Big no no no when we hold onto things that people have done to us, this has a terrible effect on our own feelings and emotions. Thinking about the person makes us angry, sad and eats us from the inside out but this only allows the other person to win. You are allowing them to control our emotions and feelings. We don’t want to feel weighted down as if we are carrying heavy loads. Forgiveness is so very important for our own well being, when we can just let go of things that have hurt us and be free of our burdens.


6.     Stop being selfish and self centred – have you ever noticed that selfish, narcissist people are usually the unhappiest? They may appear to be confident and happy but deep down they are depressed and so unhappy. I do believe in working on ourselves and taking an interest in our own wellbeing but doing it all day every day is definitely healthy. We need to grateful for the people in our lives and be mindful of their own feelings, emotions and wellbeing. You would feel the joy of helping others and assisting in whatever way that we can. Volunteering is not only popular because people want to help others but it makes us feel better about our own selves and the great things that we are doing for others.

Cut these things out of your life and practise the ones that you should be doing and you will be sure to live the most happy and positive life imaginable even by you.

Stay happy and blessed,


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