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This last week has been super powerful for me because I identified some amazing mindset blocks that were holding me back from achieving my dreams. The work I have been doing is in no way over, I will tell you that this is a continuous process that is going to have to be repeated every time I feel overwhelmed and like I just can't push on.

I have been reading this amazing book and listening to this amazing lady with all she has to share. For us christians it could be a tough decision, to read and to agree to do because we always feel that if God wants us to be rich he would let us be rich. But what we have to remember is that we have to do our own parts such as forgiveness and working on ourselves before God can see that we are ready to receive his blessings and do what he wants us to do with it.

I shared my own 5 steps process to creating wealth for travel and everything else over on my Facebook page on Friday and I hope you get a chance to listen to it.

If not click here.

I also wanted to share a Money Block webinar from Denise Duffield-Thomas, the author of 'Get Rich, Lucky Bitch'. As I said before please have an open mind with the name as it can be a bit repelling but when you get to hear her message you would realise what its all about.

Click here to listen to the webinar.

If you want to find out more information of how this has helped me tremendously and allowed me to create money to travel and to start my own business, send me a message or reply to this email. Or I'd love to hear your own battle with money and the mindset you had to work on t achieve it. I have also created my own Money Mindset course that Includes all the things that I have used throughout my life without even realising it.

We can create money to travel and to create our most amazing life ladies. We just have to learn and work on our own money blocks, starting now.

Stay happy and blessed aways,


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