Let Traveling lead you to your heart's desires

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Let me get real with you here and speak to you about fear and stepping out of your comfort zone.

I know how easy it is to settle, live a mediocre lifestyle and not push for anything too spectacular even though you know deep down inside that you were meant for more.

Indeed it takes a strong person to listen and action these feelings because it can be so easy to just carry on doing what you do and remain where you are because well… its easy, its simple as that.

I am speaking from experience and I know many of us are the same. This is why when I speak to women who are going through incredibly tough situations and they say to me they can’t do anything about it. I understand the feelings of helplessness, it’s so easy to be the victim and to pass on the blame onto someone else. I mean, telling yourself that it’s not your fault, that it’s the situation makes it so much better, because then we don’t feel any responsibility or shame to make it work. There is no guilt because we can’t really do anything right?  So, we hide ourselves and we just stay where we are, thinking it will all change one day, some day, it will all change, God would make a way.

He will make a way but we have to be alert and switched on to notice when the way has been made and actually move and take actions.

I have been so scared at times, scared into in action, scared into settling, doing jobs that I didn’t have a passion for. I met amazing people and had amazing experiences at these jobs I admit and I would forever treasure those memories but I knew I wanted more.

When I moved country I decided I was not going to keep taking the ‘easy way’, doing a job just to get an income, I could use to save towards a future goal. I wanted to live in the moment, I wanted real passion and real meaning for my work. I wanted impact lives and to show up and be more. I wanted to stop making excuses and I really wanted to be all that God have created me to be.

I want to encourage you today, that life can get tough, so I understand why when you do find a place where you are comfortable why its so hard to step out of that and go after something more that you are unsure about. I know because I have been there.

So if you are working 9-5, you are comfortable with your career and your job but you still feel something is missing. I want you to have faith, to trust that indeed God is calling you for more. He wants you to enjoy life to the fullest and not in the cliché sense as I know it sounds but I mean really live a life that is always in your dreams. A life where you are smiling, laughing, happy and content. You have it all, you have a healthy balance and you know within your heart that there is now way your life can be anything better.

You have stepped out into the uncertain, you are continuing to grow and experience things, you are no longer stuck and unfeeling, unloving and uncaring. You are really getting connected with the real you and why you were created, living your true purpose- to be happy, content and live a truly satisfying life that you would remember into older years to come.

Start traveling lovely and you will see the difference, if you let it lead the way.

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