How traveling can help you to develop life coping skills


Every single human being was made by our heavenly father with everything that we need to survive inside of us already. That’s why people in the cave man’s error were able to survive and make a living during those difficult times. But many times we don’t have the opportunity to use and exercise these skills, so they become buried almost forgotten. This is really easy to do because if you’re not faced with situations in which you have to think differently then you never will think outside of the box. You would constantly be looking in the same places for answers and solutions.

This causes lack of progress inevitably because we are not learning anything new and we are not moving forward. In our everyday life, this is exactly what happens. We are in a routine Monday to Friday even on the weekends do the house shopping, church or laundry. It’s always the same thing day in and day out. It becomes our habits and our overall lifestyle. What are you doing today? Work and home, that will always be the answer. Nothing is wrong with this if you love it, in fact, its comfortable and everyone loves comfort. Everybody loves when they know what to do when to do it, its second nature and we don’t need to do any hard thinking. But the bad thing is, this can also be very dangerous.

Life is unpredictable and many times we forget this, we forget that we don’t have control over every aspect of our life, no matter how much we think we do. Somethings are just out of our control and when things out of the ordinary happen, it sends us into a tailspin. We don’t know how to react because we are in this bubble of our making. We panic, we break down, sometimes we even crack, unfortunately. We have not been practicing the simple life’s skills that we were born with. Courage, confidence, determination, perseverance. How could we? We couldn’t tell the last time we had to use these.

But traveling makes all the difference. Traveling is out of your comfort zone, out of the norm and what you know. It changes everything!! Whether you are traveling for an extended period of time, hopping through different countries or just traveling to 1 country for a week, every day is going to be different. There are no routines, no schedules unless you create one for yourself but it won’t be for very long as you will have to keep moving on again. 

You learn to adapt to these changes and take them in strides. Looking for simple solutions, instead of panicking and freaking out. Maybe the first few drama would be a bit difficult but you realize it comes easier because you know and learns the things you need to do. You miss a bus to a day out, you just find out when is the next bus or you take the tram or train, you just start looking for alternative solutions. You brought only warm clothing and the place is freezing? You just layer up or purchase something on the spot but you keep it moving. No time for sulking and no time for pity parties either. You exercise the skills of thinking on the spot, looking for solutions rather than crying over the problem. You speak to new people who have different points of views and opinions on your own. You learn to look at situations through someone else’s eyes. It’s truely eye opening and so rewarding. Knowing that you had everything you ever needed already right inside of you. Courage, strength, perseverance, determination and of course confidence. 

You can do this girl, bring all that you have experienced from that unforgettable trip and start incorporating it into your job and home life. Start stepping out of your comfort zone more. It’s not going to bankrupt you to take a train or bus to your nearest town you never visited before. You won’t get lost or stolen if you travel for half of the day to see the beach you always heard about but never visited. You experience, you learn and then you become a better happier and equipped you.


Zananai DavisComment