How much money are you willing to sacrifice each month to go towards your travel account?

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Today I have a very important question I wish to ask you. You want to start traveling more, first of al why is that?

What do you hope to achieve by traveling more? Is it a deep passion of yours, you want to see amazing sights and meet amazing people? Do you want to learn about new cultures and way of life? Maybe you want to get enlightened, knowledgeable and wise about the things, places and people that surround you in this new digital, facebook world? Whatever the reason, some of which I have covered extensively in previous blog posts, you realise you want to travel more. It is something you desire to do with your family, friends and loved ones.


That’s been established now what about that big issue we all worry about and cant seem to have enough of, yes I’m talking about money?


How on earth are you going to afford to travel more? You’re already working 9-5, you are stretched to the limit, shopping, house, cars, bills and other expenses. You just can't see how on earth you can afford to travel at this particular time in your life?


Firstly, I think mindset is hugely a prime factor in how many other people ‘afford’ to travel. They have already prioritized traveling in their life, over shoes, clothes, expensive restaurants and the new iPhone 8 and if you want to travel more you have got to do the same. Everyone has the same issue, throughout the world, never enough money. If we all had the amount of money we wanted we wouldn’t need to work and wish and try to get by. We would just do whatever we wanted. But no we have a limited amount of money we receive and so we must be wise in its spending.


What’s a travel account? you may ask after you read this title. This is a separate account from your regular checking account that you set aside to put away money for traveling. Yes, this does exist!! For many people, in fact, people call it different things, some say their fun account, their goodies account, there splurging account, but essence it’s an account where you put money in every month to fund the things that you love to do.


Smart savers use this method because they know, if all of their money goes to one place, the mind thinks it all needs to be spent. That’s why we have separate 401 (k) accounts that companies set up for employees and take out each month without the employees knowing and it goes straight into that account. Out of sight and out of mind.


As an avid traveler, who has traveled to numerous countries while working a 9-5 job, my number one trick to fund my trips is my travel account. Each month a direct debit amount comes out of my husband and my joint account and goes into a separate account that we do not use. There is no bank card, done intentionally so we won’t go to the ATM to get money out when we’re short. It’s out of sight and mind and only available for traveling or any other fun activities we deem. But I will tell you now, it takes massive discipline to keep this account flowing and accumulating money each month, without going in every time I feel like I want a new pair of shoes, or that must have dress.


Its specifically there for my traveling expenses and I make sure to reinforce that to myself every time. Take it out of your mind and remember it now more. Try to set it up in a way that you don’t have to do it manually and you can’t get it out so easily, it would save you so much in the long run and your traveling memories would love you for it.


So back to the question, how much are you willing to sacrifice to go towards your travel count every month? I say sacrifice because it is, there are so many other things you can do with that money! But you and I know that traveling is more important, this is the reward t ourselves for working that 9-5, the stress and frustration of everyday life, we deserve this relaxation, this adventure, this excitement and fun and you made sure you sacrificed and prioritized for it.


Good on you, lovely! I’m so proud, well done!! Need help with getting the mindset to sacrifice for your travel account? Reach out lovely and join us over in the FB community, Click here.



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