What really is this new term Transformational Travel ? It all sounds very new age, modern terms for Millennials, right?

Since the year began everyone is all about their word for the year and I shared about this over on my Facebook page Zanur Travel live video that I do every Wednesday at 5-5:30pm weekly. I also spoke about setting goals and having big dreams for the year. My word for the year you may have guessed, TRANSFORMATIONAL. I felt like God has just been showing me that my calling is to help women to TRANSFORM their lives from one of unhappiness, overwhelm and stress to one of balance, happiness and overall freedom. Freedom to be their true self, to experience happiness, joy and everything God has created for us to enjoy. Even the bible speaks about there being a season for everything in life and I think that was written to remind us that life is about balance and moderation. Too much of one things is never good, so we always need to remember to balance out our lifestyle. This brings me to point out how much work/life balance is so important. Many studies have found that when we simply let go of control and find time to be our true selves, enjoying life intermittently, we become so much happier and more productive in the other areas of our life.

So having said all of that my definition of Transformation Travel is when we use traveling to change who we are on a deeper level. It's not just a small change we are looking for, like we were feeling burn out and we took a 1 week vacation and now we feel refreshed and renewed. I mean, that's amazing and I fully support short breaks. It is key to achieving your goals and being productive but this year I wanted to go more deeper into our reasons for traveling. This year I'm deep diving into the benefit of travel and how we can transform our lives by doing more of it, 1 trip at a time. I want us to really use travel to bring about a complete overhaul to our way of life and the way we are showing up in our own lives. No more depressing states that can be so easy to fall into, no more feeling sorry for ourselves or being jealous of others, no more thinking that's not for me. Travel is for all of us, as long as we want what it can give us and we believe it is for us, we can achieve it.

The single most important lesson I have learnt from traveling is that when you make something a priority, you will find every possible way to make it a reality. I am always asked how do you get to travel so much, working full-time, starting a business, always so happy and in good spirits and the thing is that I have learnt some brilliant lessons from my lifestyle. I knew that traveling was important to me so I found ways to do it more.  I made massive cutbacks on unnecessary spending, I slowly became a minimalist only getting what I needed. Yes, I still spoilt myself from time to time but as always the key to everything is moderation and balancing it all. 

It's the same with achieving our dream lifestyle and the big goals we have and which we can all be so easily overwhelmed by. Everyone is doing big resolutions for the new year and you just don't see how you can do that. Infact, you feel so overwhelmed by it all that you're not even going to bother doing any planning because to you, it will never happen anyway! But lovely no one says you have to start planning for the 12 months, what about having a goal for next week or maybe tomorrow. Start small, think about what you want to achieve today and then you move with each day. God has been speaking to my heart immensely over the holidays, I was feeling so blocked but I prayed for peace and inspired action and God in his great mercies provided exactly that. He has placed in my heart the concept of trust and patience, in him and in my own situations. Many times we want things to happen right now or right away. We have a goal and it must happen now or we won't make it. We have a dream and we want to see results right away. That was me for a few months and I felt awful, I was unhappy, miserable, stressed and thank God for my prayer life and yoga practise. I would just seek peace, stillness and practise listening to God and he came through as always. He has showed me that not everything has to happen in MY time, he is in control and whatever he has promised to me, it will be done. 

So lovely, don't give up hope if you have dream or a goal but you just can't see it coming through. When we look through our natural eyes we see impossibilities but when we look through our eyes of faith in God we can be assured that nothing is impossible with him. If he has promised you something, he is faithful and just to provide, he always does!

God knows your heart and once you have the best intentions, to improve your life, to be happier so that you can influence others, then he will come through. Remember he never gives us more than we can bare. So this is my new years message to you from God's heart to my fingers and to your thoughts as your read these works.

Trust, have faith and be patient with yourself my love, sometimes we are too hard on ourselves. Pushing and stressing, being frustrated because we want something to happen now. Sometimes we need to learn, to grow, to exercise faith before we see these dreams ever coming through. So don't be afraid, go on and make those plans and set those goals and remember to take it all 1 day at a time, if you can't see 1 months away. Wake up each day to accomplish that one goal every single day and God in his great mercies will give you the inspired actions to take and even go a step further and give you the courage to take those steps.

Transformation is not always about overnight change but sometimes it's about continuous changes. Constantly moving to bring about the massively outrageous change that everyone can see from the outside. But you know it was all happening in the inside all along, where you could have felt it but no one could see it but God.

Blessing and love always,


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