What are you making yourself available for?


This is the honest truth! Everyday I wake up, I wonder how can I help more women to live a happy and amazing life that they love.


I have always loved my life because I was the one who was creating it, with the help of God ofcourse.


Over the weekend my hubby and I went to pick up a fellow Vincnetian from an 1 hour and a half drive to come and spend the weekend with us.


This is the type of man my husband is, he loves to help others, to show them a better life and give them a helping hand.


I truly admire him for that because he never really looks at the costs of money or his time. He just has such a willing heart to help others.


So naturally I went with him for the ride, to keep his company. At first I wasn’t very sure as we didn’t know the guy really. He was a friend’s of J’s brother, who is in the UK visiting his family.


But J spoke to him regularly and wanted to really help him. So he came and spent the weekend with us, we took him out and about visiting different places and sightseeing, a bit of shopping and when we dropped him back home on Sunday evening he couldn’t stop praising us for having him for the weekend and showing him such a wonderful time.


J and I through casual conversation ofcourse motivated him and inspired him to use his time wisely. We gave him some books to read in his spare time and I know we both gave him a lot to think about for his life because we were living examples of going after our dreams. With no fear, no doubt and thoughts of ever failing. 


And I kept thinking to myself how very blessed we were as a couple and a growing family. We loved each other, we were doing work that we love and we were helping others in whatever opportunity that presented itself to us and I thought how can I help women to live this amazing life that I have created for myself.


The answer was clear… both J and I believe in ourselves. We believe that we are worthy of the things that we desire and we don’t look to others for approval, we look to God. We know what he desires of us, to live a good life, to serve him and to help others and that’s exactly what we are doing every single day.

I looked back to the different times in my life, where I desired something. A job, my license, an amazing spouse, a business to help others, a life that I love and I thought what about what it took to get me there. It took me believing in me and what I deserved. I never doubted that I deserved these things, I never thought that I was unworthy of these things that I desired. Most of the times I didn’t even know how I was going to get them. But I knew they were going to be mine.

I didn’t hold onto the fear that maybe it wasn’t for me. I didn’t push and tried so hard to make it happen. I just decided it’s what I wanted and just left it there allowing God to lead me and indeed he did.

Everything always unfolds without much effort, without it being hard and difficult and that’s when you know you and God have made that happen. There was absolutely no difficult strain on your behalf.

So back to the question, what are you making yourself unintentionally available for in your life?

Because you not deciding on the things that you want and believing in your ability to achieve it is you making yourself available for the things that you do not want!

Sadly that’s just how the world works. We make ourselves available for the things that we don’t want when we don’t decide on the things that we do want.

Because attracting the good things sadly takes more effort than attracting the bad things.

It sometimes feel natural to us to get things go wrong than things go right for us and it all has to do with our thoughts and limiting beliefs that goes on behind the scenes in our minds and in our hearts.

So, if you are ready to say bye bye to those negative thoughts and start becoming available to living an amazing life of travel, freedom and success that you love.

It’s time for you to start doing something about it.

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