How to break FREE and live in YOUR purpose


I had this question in my group recently from one of my amazing ladies and to be honest it LIT me up. It got me thinking, this was where I was 5-6 years ago in my life. I was stuck, confused and left wondering the same thing. I soon realised, just like my group member above, it was the FEAR that was holding me back form doing the things that I really wanted to do in my life.

Fear of trying and failing

Fear that I was wasting my time

Fear of being successful and my friends and family hating me because of it

Fear and guilt of thinking that I can have it all

Fear of my own power, FEAR of it all.

That’s what holds us women back so much in our lives. We struggle with exploring our true potential. Of being great and then being judged because of it, because society says it’s not right.

It’s time for us to change these thoughts, beliefs and feelings. It’s time for us to realise that as women WE CAN have it ALL. We can have the life of our dreams.

We can be massively successful in our careers, have our dream man by our side, excel in studies we want to undertake and travel the world having amazing experiences and adventure.

I know for me to make that life possible for me, it took me DECIDING.

Deciding once and for all that I was NOT AVAILABLE for anything less than what I wanted. I didn’t know how it as going to happen but I KNEW it was going to happen at some time and so with this fact I wasn’t allowing fear to hold me back from taking the ACTIONS I felt were right for me at that time.

But DECISION is not always easy, we can make it but sticking to it and taking action everyday can sometimes be extremely difficult.

It takes a lot of DISCIPLINE and FAITH but the most important thing to remember is that this does not happen overnight.

It took me doing personal development for years on my own and with others. It took me trusting God and having Faith that my life would change and go in the way that I desired for it to be.

But every time I was adding something else to it and that was ok.

I was choosing for my journey to be easy, not stressful and difficult.

I was choosing to allow it to come to me as I was open to receive every good thing from GOD.

I was choosing to take the inspired actions that God was placing in my heart to do and most importantly I was choosing to be grateful for all that I had but determined not to settle for what I THINK I deserve.

So the question remains, “How do you break FREE and live your life of purpose?”

You decide that you will do it and you get determined to do whatever it takes to make it happen with all the conditions that you desire it to come with. With ease, with faith, with joy, with happiness, whatever you choose for it to be.

You start by changing the way you THINK and the feelings that you associate with those thoughts.

Start journalling around these things. For years I kept a personal journal and yes I wrote what happened throughout my days but most importantly I journaled about the life I wanted for myself.

The life I now live today.

So start writing what that dream life looks like. What does BREAKING free looks like for you?

Then write out the thoughts that are coming up when you read back this life you just wrote out.

Does it feel impossible?

Like it can never happen?

Next write out why these thoughts and feelings that are coming up for you are FALSE.

Use the bible- God says he will give you, your hearts desires. NO condition on that!

Once you believe it is possible for you.

Do this simple exercise and then come over and join me in my FB group-

The Successful Living Club

and watch my live video today where I share more on this topic. I’ll give you some journal prompts and affirmations to help you move forward in your creating your dream life starting today.

As always, you are AMAZING and you deserve to have an amazing life.

Love and blessings,


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