Living your life with Faith and Ease


Yesterday I was reminded yet again how living my life with total expectations of great things can make events and experiences to happen in my life with ease and absolutely no effort on my part but action and obedience.

Every time I experience something miraculous in my life, I stop and examine and most times I am extremely baffeled because there is no way these things are coincidences. They are just too precise and too much in the perfect time. It also needed me to act in that time without fear and worry but in total FAITH that it would be done.

I had one such miraculous event over the weekend.

Now this is a story of acting in complete Faith and Decision and how it allowed everything to work together and fall into place with ease and flow.

I had not spoken to a dear friend of mine in over 5 years. I had no malice or bitterness in my heart but because of multiple different events, we had fallen out of touch and communication.

I often thought of her because we had been a really close group of friends, coming out of college and it was really unfortunate the way things were at this time.

Nothing out of the ordinary, I picked up my phone and messaged a mutual friend of ours. Simply chatting and catching up when I suddenly I asked about our other friend. I told the friend who I was speaking to that I often thought about our friend and I always prayed that she was doing well.

Our mutual friend suggested that I reached out to her and I thought without resistance yes I really should reach out to her. Then without thinking I asked for her number. She sent the number to me after a few hours, she was at work at the moment so I understood the delay.

As I received the number, I decided then and there that I was going to reach out and reconnect. That night I sent a message to my long lost friend.

Sunday morning I woke up to receive a reply. We both shared that we have been thinking about the other for ages and wanted to reconnect again. Only to discover that my friend was here in the UK visiting for 3 weeks!!! This was going to be her last week. Now I have not heard from or seen this friend in over 5 years and here we were chatting after so long and she was here in the UK with me!!

This was unbelievable!! Then to find out she was merrily a 45 minutes drive from my house!

Immediately we made plans to meet up and it so happened that yesterday was the best day for us both. Without hesitation we made plans right away to meet up and connect, no overthinking, no stress of scheduling. We would do it now that we both were available.

Within a few hours my old friend and I were embracing and catching up and we ended up spending the entire day together and in total amazement at the work of God and his absolute goodness.

It was an event that I would remember for a long long time. Just the way yet again God had taken control of a situation and allowed it to flow and unfold so effortlessly without any work on any of our behalf, but obedience and faith.

Ladies, this may not sound as miraculous to you because it was a personal experience. But I want you to think long and hard about a situation that you had complete faith in. I want you to think about your act of obedience and trust in the situation and how it all unfolded with ease and flow in your life.

That is what life is about, these precious moments when all we can do is stare in complete astonishment at the way things have unfolded.

I love experiences like these because it makes it clear that all I need to do in my life is to fight the good fight of FAITH and take the inspired actions that comes with it. Not overthinking it and making it overly complicated. Not playing the blame game and waiting on others to take the action. But taking the responsibility for myself and doing what I know in my heart is the actions that I should be taking.

So my reminder today from this amazing experience of mine is to choose to live your life with faith and ease. Let go of the things you know you need to let go of. Do not allow fear, doubt and insecurities to hinder your growth and your ability to have out of this world experiences that makes life so much more AMAZING.

My action steps for you this week- Do something that you have been resisting for a long time. Something that you know you need to do but because of fear, doubt and maybe even indifference, you have not done anything. Identify this situation and use Faith and Decision to take action on it this week. Trust that it WILL workout with ease and flow and your only job is to be obedient and take the inspired action.

Remember as always You are Amazing and You deserve to have the most Amazing life. Believe that and Live that!!!

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