Why I got a part time job after launching my online business and it's not for the reason you think

Kyrenia, Cyprus

Kyrenia, Cyprus

In this digital online space, everyone wants to live the laptop lifestyle. More and more women are pursuing digital businesses that allow them to work from anywhere in the world and that is just beyond amazing. The dream is to leave the traditional 9-5 jobs and work from home or wherever they chose to be really. As a new business owner who just launched my Travel Lifestyle coaching business and Tour company, it seemed like this was the next step for me as well. After all Traveling is my passion and the fact that I could now work from anywhere should be seamless for me right? So for the last 5 months since moving to the UK, this is exactly what I did. But it wasn't an easy adjustment, I still stuck to my 9-5 working hours because it fit well with my hubby's schedule and I seriously enjoyed locking off work at 5/6pm on evenings.

So what really happened? Why did the dream change?

I was living the life that everyone in this online space seems to crave so much!

But over the past few weeks, I made a huge decision. I accepted a part-time job to do alongside my online business and here are the reasons why. 

My hubby and I have lived in 3 different countries since we got married in 2013. This is our life and traveling is always based on my hubby's schedule because that's the way I have designed it. So we travel on weekends, long holidays, vacation times etc. Our lifestyle was not about the nomadic laptop work from anywhere lifestyle because when I travel I want to enjoy my trips. To relax, have fun and enjoy the benefits of traveling, not working.  We live a unique lifestyle and for that, I am seriously grateful because I just love it. While we live in different countries, we get to explore our new home and the surrounding countries for terrific prices, sometimes at a bargain and this I love.

I always choose to go out and look for jobs in the community instead of being stuck in the house working because without me even realsing it, I am a social person. I crave human interaction and so many of us are like this, that we don't even realize it until its not there. I have no family around to visit on the weekends, to pop over and visit when I'm lonely. So I have to meet new friends, just like kids do when they change to a new school. Those are my interactions and connections when hubby is away or busy at work. Some of my most meaningful friendships were formed through the numerous 9-5 jobs that I have worked while we lived in these different countries. 

We have no kids to do the school run with, to meet and chat with other moms. We have no dogs to go out and walk and so to speak with other dog owners. How else am I going to actually speak to humans face to face on a daily basis? It was all well and good for me for like 1 month and then I started asking what else can I do. Maybe I can volunteer and do some work with my church. But my church was 2 hours drive away and everywhere I enquired for volunteering around my new community for some strange reason didn't work out. Then again I didn't know much people to ask either. I needed to meet people, get to the know my surroundings so I could be informed as well. 


Then there is that little thing about my PASSION for travel. Some may think this was the main reason for the part-time job and I won't blame you for thinking that either. As I always advocate, when you have a dream, a goal, a desire that is so big and important to you, you do whatever it takes to make it happen and make it a reality.

As a new business owner, making money right off the bat takes time. You have to market, build your credibility, be seen, be known and liked. These things do not happen overnight and I am content with that. I don't want to stress about making my business work, I want to focus on helping more women to travel more and achieving their life's goals and dreams.

Just like you, my desire to travel more will always be there. I want to take weekend breaks, I want to go exploring, shopping and adventuring in my new home country, these things take money. My travel account was diminishing and hubby and I have other real life goals that we wish to achieve. Like buying a house and investing in other everyday things. So I decided to walk the path and advise I give to my followers and readers.


But find ways to be able to continue to pursue that dream, that's not gonna make it a burden that you have to bear. You have got to find ways to make it possible for you, achievable in a way that you would enjoy going through the process.

Your dream deserves the honor of you finding the best ways to support it and make it a reality no matter what. Regardless of what everyone else expects you to do or think you should be doing, you owe it to yourself to go after your dreams no matter what.

You have got to do whatever you need to do to continue to press toward the goal- God would always make a way for you even when you don't see how it can be. Just keep praying, keep holding on and don't ever be afraid to change your mind if something doesn't feel right to you. It was expected of me to stay at home and work on my business. I mean it's an amazing opportunity and a huge blessing for me to even do, that but that doesn't mean I should continue to do because of the fear of letting people's expectations down. People may not understand this decision but I know what feels right to me and so would you. We can be grateful and yet make other decisions that are going to make your situation 10 times easier for you.

Also, you need to remember as well that sometimes what you THINK you want is not what you actually NEED and the grass always looks greener on the other side but only you will know what is right for you.

So as I take this next step in my life because I do not like being bored, wasting time and waiting for things to happen. I love working hard and making my dreams a reality. I decided to continue to fight for my dreams but in another way. Stepping into what I know, what brings me comfort, allows me to explore and meet new people. My way of learning about my new surrounds and being immersed in my new culture and traditions. I decided to do what I know best and that is to be enlightened by my new surroundings instead of working from home, locked away from human contact and the outside world.  I choose to enjoy my journey towards my goals and dreams because only then can I really embrace the moment and live my life to the absolute fullest.

Don't stop pursuing your dream because it doesn't look possible from your end, remember God is already on the other side and he knows exactly what awaits you there. But the best part is, there is no right or wrong choices, there is only stepping into your purpose and your calling and thats all you need to do, start saying YES and then just go for it. 

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