How a small Caribbean island girl created a life of her design and got to travel the world.

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Growing up on a beautiful Caribbean island was as you can only imagine, blissful. Simple life's pleasures, beach on the weekend, relaxing with family and friends, every local fruit tree in your backyard to eat at your heart's content. But when you're there you don't actually see these as pleasures until you leave and they are no more as with everything else in life.

But there was also the unglamorous parts of Caribbean island life, such as wanting something that you couldn't see. Longing for more of something but you just can't figure out what. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and I was seriously just taking it day by day. It so happened that my life unfolded in such a way that could only be described as God's divine intervention. My first International trip came as a teenager and I was picked to represent my country at the International Camp Jamboree for worldwide Girl Scouts and Guiding Association. We spent 2 weeks in Sweden and 2 weeks in England and it opened my eyes to what I would be doing for the rest of my life. I enjoyed that trip beyond words and to this day I would always remember it and credited it to the point that shaped my future.

From there I got a job as a travel agent without me even thinking about it, it felt now like that job practically landed in my lap. I got to learn so much about travel and the industry plus I was able to travel and got amazing discounts to do it more. I visited most of the Caribbean islands while I was there Grenada, St. Lucia, Dominica, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago as well as the US.

I was toying with the idea to study psychology as I was always so fascinated with the human mind, the way we think and process our experiences. I wanted to learn more about and to dig deeper but I also wanted more adventure. I did psychology in college and although I thoroughly enjoyed the study materials and the things that I learned, it didn't seem like a very exciting career that I could see myself doing. So I eventually decided to study Tourism instead. But never in a million years did I think that my love of psychology and tourism/travel could be merged to make my present career.

After completing my studies, I met and married my husband and we moved to live in Germany. While we were there, of course, we took advantage of this amazing country and explored it locally as well as venture out into the surrounding countries, France, Netherlands, UK, and Belgium. Traveling was still a huge part of my life and that I knew would never change. I learned as much as I could while I worked full time in Germany. One of my jobs was a librarian and I was such an enthusiastic reader from childhood, this was a perfect job for me. I read and learned so much and my love for psychology continued to grow. I didn't know why but I knew deep down that I wanted to help people. I wanted to support and serve others who were not able to do a particular thing for themselves. 

I know I didn't want to be a teacher but I wanted to support, encourage and motivate in whatever way that I could. I knew naturally I was a very positive and optimistic person. I loved looking for simple solutions to problems. I was not an over thinker and I loved to focus on solutions rather than problems. I always felt like the difficult solutions always had an easier way and I usually found that way. I continued growing and learning and working on my own self and dreams although I didn't have a very clear picture as yet of exactly what I wanted in terms of a career path. I knew however with a surety that I wanted to be doing work that made me happy. That made me want to wake up every day and look forward to doing. That when it came to retirement I wouldn't want to as my work would become a part of me and my lifestyle.  Whatever I choose or I walked into had to give my life purpose and it had to be where my heart was and to achieve that I was willing to be patient. I got frustrated at times because I just couldn't see how my passions for travel and psychology could work out. How my desires to help others could fit into that and how I could make it so exciting that I would want to do every day without complaining. 

It didn't happen overnight, the idea didn't come to me in a vision or in a prophecy, although thinking about it that would have been a dramatic and exciting story to tell but in fact, it happened over time. I searched and through trial and error, I decided that if it wasn't there already I would create this life and career for myself. After launching my tour company on my Caribbean island St. Vincent and the Grenadines, I wanted to go a step further to support the women who weren't able to travel to the Caribbean. Women who felt like they couldn't travel at all. I wanted to be the support and guidance that they needed to help them to experience this amazing phenomenon of traveling and changing their lives. I launched my Travel Life Coaching business, where I help women one to one to travel more by working on their subconscious beliefs and mindset blocks that were holding them back for creating the life that they desired for themselves. It's the same blocks that I have dealt with and to some extent still dealing with but I know can be overcome for us to live the life that God has already predestined for us to live. 

But I then discovered that not everyone was willing to work one on one or even had the time and money to invest on working more personally and intimately in overcoming their fears and doubts and to be honest many of the young women who I was trying to reach who was just like I was, lost and unable to decide on life's directions; couldn't access me because of affordability and so I launched my membership community. Where members would pay a small flat rate every month to get guidance and action steps to not only travel more but to dream big and to start taking actions in achieving those dreams.

I believe that we were all born with one thing in all of us that we were created to do specifically. It was for us to discover, to sharpen and then use to help others and make a living from it. I wanted to bring that out in everyone, I wanted every woman to find that one thing, embrace it, sharpen it and put it to work just as I did. I'm nowhere near living up to my full potential but I know that I am doing all that I could in the time that I have. Growing mentally, physically and spiritually every day as I strive to live the life that God has created for me to live and so can you.

Are you searching for more in your life? You're just not sure what it is and if you even have it. The fears, the doubts are creeping in and sometimes so overpowering that it leaves you paralyzed and sometimes in deeply negative thoughts. You are fighting every day but somehow not moving and you may or may not know why but you know you can't do it alone. You don't have to, I can help you to design the life that you want for yourself and to travel more and transform your life for the better.  You deserve it because regardless of how you feel now, you are AMAZING.

Let's have a chat, click here to schedule a High Tea Chat with me and get to know each other a bit more and if led, we're a good fit to work together.

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