3 ways to ensure you create the life of your dreams with less stress and pain

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Creating the life of your dreams can and will be hard, there is no easy way to say this.

Why is this?

Because if it were easy we will all be doing it! It's really human nature to watch others and wish for what they have but when we find out what we need to do to achieve it we decide it's not entirely worth it.

We convince ourselves that we are happy where we are, why do we need to change? Why put ourselves through all that hard when we are perfectly comfortable here. But I'll tell you, if you want to be truly happy, content and live the life that when you wake up every day, you know in your heart you are meant to be living, you are going to have to change who you are. The girl who thinks where she is is good enough needs to go and be replaced with a girl that's hungry for more and goes out and find ways to achieve this. It really is as simple as that, who you are right now isn't going to do much because she is already in her comfort zone and she never will take any actions unless pushed to do so.

Here are 3 ways to ensure you get to create the life of your dreams with less stress and the pain:

1. Self love- Loving ourselves is so important in this life, if we don't then who else will? When we love ourselves we become more patient with ourselves, speak kind words to ourselves and take the time to take care of ourselves. We understand that everything takes time, we don't push ourselves to do the impossible. We don't think we need to change now or we're no good! No, we realize that everything takes time, new habits need to be formed, that would then become our new lifestyle.  When we understand these things, we can become our own best friends and just as best friends support each other, encourages and motivates each other we can do this for ourselves. We start making better decisions on behalf of ourselves, doing things that are going to help us and releasing the things that no longer serve us. Such as thoughts, habits and even friends. 

2. Determined to stay consistent- Is this hard? It most certainly is hard but that's why forming new habits are so important. It takes 21 days for something new to stick and become a habit. So again we have to have patience but take inspired action every day. If you decided to start making travel a priority, you have to get determined to it at least every week. Start taking small walks around your neighborhood, then start venturing around the town, then the next month go to the next town and so it goes. You have to stay consistent, not just try it one time and then forget about and say it doesn't work! The great Seth Gordon, a long time blogger and online marketer said he made up his mind to write a blog post every single day for the rest of his life, whether people read them or not. He was determined to remain consistent and he did. If you want to achieve your dreams, get determined now to remain consistent and give yourself time to make the habits stick.

3. Get support-  Creating the life of your dreams is no easy fleet, the top Instagram travelers didn't just get there. I didn't just travel to all of these countries while working a 9-5 just like that. No, I understood that in order for me to do the things I wanted to do in my life, I was going to need some help. I could do as much research as I could on my own but in the end, I was going to have to learn from someone else. So at the time, the easiest way to get to the people who could help me was to purchase their books. Through books, we can get so much from words written by the people we look up to. We get their wisdom, their insight and we get to learn how we can do the same through them. We cannot get to the next level in our lives without the support and guidance from others. We really can't do it all alone?  Top athletes understand this principle all too well. They know that they don't become the best at something on their own, through will and strength. They have coaches and a full team of people who provide them with the emotional and physical support that they need and so should you. 

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