How working with me can help you to travel more and transform your life

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Traveling for me is an unforgettable experience that can be compared to no other passion in my life. I love to explore, be adventurous, meet amazing people and see amazing sights. I also love the feeling I receive from my travels, the feeling of Freedom, Happiness, the ability to connect more with God and absolute time to take care of myself, relaxing and having fun. Now ofcourse it’s easy to put some money away, buy a ticket and go to your desired destination but what if:


-       You just don’t know how to start planning

-       Don’t know how to make your travel dreams a reality

-       Feel overwhelmed by the potential obstacles such as finances and time

-       Lack the motivation and confidence to finally put these plans in place and go


Using my 3 signature process of Mindset work, Spirituality and Practical tools. I help you to create the desired life for yourself that would allow you to travel more.


-       Working on Mindset- I believe this is critical for everyone who wants to do something different and step out of their comfort zone. Doing something new can feel scary and overwhelming. Although you see other people doing it, you may feel likes it's not something that you can do or do often. Working on common practical but mostly mindset obstacles that hold us back from traveling more, the issue of time and money.  We dig deep into the fears and doubts that are holding you back from living your dreams and designing the life that you desire. Many times in life we just need someone to talk things out with and we need someone to point out the exact issues that are bothering us, sometimes we are not aware of. Then get help to overcome these issues. Are you lacking confidence or have massive self-doubt of if you are even able to travel as much as you like while juggling your current responsibilities and life’s issues? Then working with me can give you the tools and the confidence to deal with these issues and brainstorm ways to make it possible for you. If you are a person who already found ways to travel but just can’t seem to enjoy your trips and benefit from the experiences, we can then work on deep subconscious beliefs and the issues that are keeping you from enjoying the freedom, happiness, and self-love that traveling can bring into our lives. We can transform those amazing experiences you received from your trip and empower you to design your everyday life so you can truly live the life of your dreams.


-       Working on Spirituality- As a Christian and faith-filled woman I know what it took for me to truly design the life of my dreams. The life where I get to travel, choose to work if I want to or not, start my own business and be grateful every single day for all that I have been blessed with. Faith is a huge part of my life and without it, I would never have had the confidence to travel more and do anything I felt I was called to do in my life. When dreaming of traveling more and designing the lifestyle of your dreams it would take huge amounts of faith. Faith in yourself and in God, to be able to work towards those dreams and achieving them. It would not happen overnight and so it would take resilience and determination to keep pursuing your dreams especially when others don’t believe in you. Traveling allows us to grow closer to God and build our faith in totally amazing and transformational ways. I use God’s word to build your courage and get over fears that are holding you back from stepping up and claiming the life God has called you to live. I believe that God desires for us to enjoy his world, to be enlightened, to open our eyes and hearts to his creations and to improve our lives from it. We put habits in place to start transforming your life from the inside out. When you become the best version of yourself inside, you have no choice but to create the best version of your life on the outside. Faith not only allows us to travel more and be happy but it allows us to go on and continue to pursue other goals and desires in our life. Faith building is crucial for realizing our dreams and transforming our lives.


-       Practical tools – If your desire is to travel more, of course you would need practical tips and tools. Time and scheduling is also a mindset aspect but we work on practical strategies that you can start using to make time work for you, instead of you slaving for time. When you work with me we create a habit of discipline in saving and budgeting and discuss ways in which you could create more income into your life to support your travel dreams, if you desire.  We go further than putting aside money each month to save towards your trips. You get support and help in making key decisions in the planning stages and keeps you accountable for your saving and budgeting for travels. It’s so easy to start something when we are all excited but when real life comes in, real responsibilities and financial issues, it’s easy to get swayed and to give up, throw the budget to the heavens! Working with me keeps you accountable and allows you to discipline yourself because this is really what it takes to design the life of your dreams and enjoy what you have created. Hard work, discipline, and faith.


Women who work with are not only influenced by my incredible travel perspective but they learn a lot about the benefits and advantages of traveling many of which are not explored to the fullest in our society. They learn how to incorporate them into their everyday life, to become happier, optimistic and positive people every single day. They get support and guidance in transforming their lives and becoming the best version of themselves.


They get results like this:

“Working with Zanny has been transformational for me. Her mindset work and journaling prompts have really helped me to not only envision myself traveling but to sit down and plan out 3 vacations for this coming year! I am so excited about them now when before I dreaded thinking about planning them out. I’m thankful I took the leap of faith and invested in her 12-week one-on-one Travel Coaching course. With the tools and knowledge, she has shared with me I feel confident I can continue to plan family vacations, anniversary trips, and getaways for just me with excitement and confidence.”


Is this something you would like more support on? Click here to schedule a call with me to find out more about how working with me can help you to travel more and create the life of your dreams, literally. More freedom, more happiness, more self-love, that would allow you to live a life of confidence and courage and be all that God has created you to be.

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