The number 1 mistake single women make when they think of traveling.


Hear me out on this, I am a married woman, just celebrated my 5th wedding anniversary but what some women don’t realize is that this doesn’t mean I have a ready-made travel partner at my side because I am married.

For the first 2 years yes, we were kind of happy to travel together. Most of the times I had to motivate him to come on trips with me as this wasn’t necessarily as important to him as it was for me. But then after that, we went back to just traveling when we wanted to with or without each other. Unless ofcourse we were traveling to reconnect with each other and to spend time together specifically.

But being married doesn’t really make a difference and I’m so happy I didn’t have to get married to realize this.

The biggest mistake I hear single women say is that they are waiting for Mr. Right before they travel because they don’t want to travel alone.

Honey, this is by far no way to live because first not only are you going to be spending precious time ‘looking’ for Mr. Right. Then you have to ensure he has the same exact interest as you which is to travel often and most men to be honest unless they are travel bloggers or adventure travelers are not going to want to travel and explore as much as you do. They are into their own things and most times it’s not going to involve being attached to you by the hip. I’m sorry to say lovely.


So here are my top 3 advise to you ladies, who are waiting to find Mr. Right to start traveling more.


1.    Start with becoming the best of YOU right now- I can truly say through personal experience, the moment I decided that I was going to create the life of my dreams and work every day to accomplish that regardless of what I was feeling and seeing in front of me. Then and ONLY then did I meet my Mr. Right. We all know people are attracted to confidence, we are attracted to people who know what they want and go for it. This is why we follow people on social media who appear to be confident and courageous. We are inspired by them to do the same for ourselves. So in a crazy way, you are doing things in the reverse. You should be working on yourself, living your dream, working on your confidence and your courage and THEN you would attract you dream spouse. Not get the dream spouse and then enjoy your life. Traveling alone I agree can be a bit daunting but all you need to start doing is working on overcoming those fears first and everything else will follow.


2.    Waiting on Mr. Right can turn out to be waiting in vain – Because your priorities are based on outside influences that you have no control over. All your dreams and hopes could be washed down the drain quite easily. Don’t settle into wishing and dreaming and letting your dreams slip by as months turn into years. There is nothing worse than wasted opportunity and a life filled with regrets. Having a spouse is not necessarily going to allow you to travel more. Infact, it comes with its own added challenges that traveling may be the least of your problems. Take the time and money you have now as a single woman and enjoy your life. Take the opportunities you have of meeting up with new people, exploring the place that YOU want to go now that you don’t have someone else to compromise with and make decisions with. It's seriously all about YOU right now and what you want. Trust me, ladies, it won’t always be this way.


3.    Are you allowing fear to hold you back and making the excuse of waiting for Mr. Right? - When we have deep fears about a particular situation we tend to tell ourselves all manner of things to cover these fears and make excuses for our lack of action. I know because I have been there as well. I loved to find reasons, why I couldn’t do something but when I stepped back and dig a bit deeper into my thoughts and feelings it was really because I was afraid. Fear comes in different ways and for different reasons. Fear of stepping out on our own, fear of being courageous and confident in ourselves and our abilities. Sometimes the people around us tell us that we can’t and we shouldn’t. Sometimes they do this for their own self-interest but most of the times they do this because they love and care for us and wants to protect us and I understand that. This is why mind-set work and having faith in yourself is so important. If you believe with all of your heart that this is what you want and this is the life you desire for yourself. You would find ways to make it happen. You would dig through those fears and overcome them and then you will have the courage and conviction to convince our loved ones to trust you and your decisions. You can easily communicate that you are smart and strong enough to do the things that you desire for yourself. Remember action speaks louder than words. In doing this not only do we inspire ourselves but we inspire those around us to step out of their comfort zone and to pursue their dreams as well.


Does this sound like you? Waiting and hoping for Mr. Right to come along so you can truly start living and creating the life of your dreams? Are you waiting for someone else so you can find live your life’s purpose and live your life to the fullest?


I want to encourage you ladies, now is the time to start doing the things you desire for yourself. If you feel you cannot do it alone, reach out. Let’s dig into those fears and overcome them by acknowledging and confronting those fears, building your faith in yourself and your loving father above and ofcourse getting the practical help you need to start making your travels a reality.


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