The power of Travel- For Self-Care and Balance

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In our modern world, we are surrounded by so many distractions. From television to mobile phones and of course work and personal life. As women, we are stretched even thinner and we have so many roles to play in our homes and communities. From mothers, daughters, friends, church member and the list goes on. The days start to morph into one and we become downright grumpy, withdrawn and even depressed. I know this would be even more real when we are not doing the things every day that brings us joy and happiness. It's hard to push on doing things because we feel we must or for other reasons such as money and survival.

I believe that we are all created for specific purposes, they can be displayed in many forms but the core purpose would be the same and when we are not living in that purpose and walking in it, we will never experience the life we want to live.

Then we get over the hurdle of finding that purpose and that thing we were created to do but then we still feel overwhelmed and unhappy. We're not able to give of our best because we just don't feel our best and this is where taking care of yourself is so important.

As a strong advocate for mental health, happiness and balance I know what it is to have insomnia for weeks rolling into months. Due to anxiety and fear and this mindset serves you no good as you are really not yourself.

This is why we need to prioritize self-care and balance in our lives every single day. As little as after work taking a few hours to de-stress, detach from the mobiles and emails and just spent quality time with yourself and the ones you love.

Then we can travel, we can travel to let go, to release, to rejuvenate, to find ourselves again. We use travel whether near or far to get out of our little bubble of life, the problems we are drowning in and realizing once again that there is more out there; to be seen, to be enjoyed and to be experienced. From a day at your local spa to traveling to a new country, taking time away for the specific purpose of focusing on you is so very important.

Mindset is crucial in even seemingly simple exercises like these. This is because we can so easily be carried away by the wrong things in our life. We can so easily lose sight of the things that are important to us and scarier we can easily be persuaded to think that the things we are doing are the right things even when we're not.

So if you are feeling scared of fettering away your precious vacation days because of lack of proper planning.

You keep making plans to get away and detach but you find yourself pushing it back for later days that never seem to come. 

If you need help to seriously detach from work so you can enjoy your time away and focus solely on having fun and enjoying your experiences.

It's time to reach out and make it possible for yourself.

As I always say we can't pour amazing wine from an empty decanter, a fancy way of saying we cant pour from an empty cup. To get the best version of ourselves we need to find balance and consistently take care of our minds and bodies every single day.

I work on mindset, spirituality and provide support and guidance on practical tips and tools for planning and making your trips possible, making your travel self-care possible. I hold you accountable every day to start building confidence, courage and taking actionable steps every day to make your dream life a reality,

No more playing small, shrinking away in your life, thinking that by working yourself to the bone you're being a martyr and showing that you can be just as good as any other man. No more being lost in a world where you just don't understand how people can be so deeply and purely happy like there are no cares in the world.

No more procrastinating because you just don't know how to plug out and find your core, your faith in God, in yourself and in others. 

As a go-getter woman who goes after her dreams in career and business, it's time to prioritize fun and happiness in your life as well because of it possible to have it all. It's what has been given to us from our heavenly faither. We were created in his image in mind, spirit and soul and there is a need to be loved, to feel loved and to be happy AND SO you are amazing and you deserve to have the most amazing life.

Click here and schedule a friendly chat with me darling and let's make it possible and if you're not in my FB community yet, come in and join us- Fearless Faith-Filled Female Travellers








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