The 3 things that allowed me to travel more and design the life of my dreams


When I first decided I wanted to make traveling a huge part of my life, this was way back in my teens. You may have heard me tell the story of my Girl Guiding trip to Sweden and the UK that opened my eyes to travel. It’s benefits and the feeling it gave me that even though I didn’t know much people back then who did what I wanted, I knew it’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to create the most amazing life for myself where traveling was a part of the normal. I wanted to travel on the weekends, long holidays and vacation days. I decided I would not settle doing a job I didn’t love because I didn’t feel like I was created to do work that didn’t light me up. Working and living for the weekends when I could just relax and be the real me. I wanted my lifestyle to be one I enjoyed, I was happy with and I wanted to share with others.


It wasn’t always easy but I knew my goal and so I pushed on, not even conscious of the exact things I were doing because it just became a part of me and achieving my goals. Now I’m putting it down for you to see exactly what I did to travel more and live the life I have designed for myself.


1. I first started with having the correct mindset- It wasn’t difficult for me because I come from a long line of positive and optimistic women. My mother and my grandmother are the kinds of women who see the best in everyone. They open their hearts to all and gave unconditionally. Their infectious personality spreads to all who meet them and come into their presence. You feel appreciated, important and most of all loved when you're with them. So it was really easy for me to be the same positive and optimistic person. Seeing the good in every situation, this was even heightened more through my traveling experiences. I realized from an early age that I had to get rid of things in my life that wasn’t helping me in achieving my dreams. The things or the people holding me back had to be cut loose. It was brutal but it had to be done because I had a goal and a dream. One that I believed was placed in my heart by my loving father above and I knew he would make a way for me.


2. I worked on my relationship with God- No matter what I was doing in my life, I ALWAYS had father God in my heart. I became faith-filled because of events that were unfolding before my eyes in my life. It was nothing of my doing but amazing things were just happening. I went to an all-girls convent school and I did religious studies. It was one of the best subjects I ever did. We studied Matthew, Mark, and Luke and we read the parables and made beautiful drawings to depict these stories. I remembered all those amazing stories about people who believed and had faith and were healed and delivered. These stories stuck with me and believed from that moment that whatever I wanted I just had to believe. Have faith in God and do what he asked me to do. In most of these parables when people asked Jesus to heal them or their loved ones he always said: “Your Faith has made you well”. I just love those words. My faith will make me well, my faith would give me my dreams, my faith would take me where I needed to go but I had to GO. I couldn’t just sit there and say I have faith. These people came to Jesus, the got up and went and did what they had to do and so I decided I would do the same.


3. I got practical help- I couldn’t just travel like that without any idea of how to do it. I had to start putting practical skills in place. I had to start saving to go towards my trips. I had to prioritize my spending. I couldn’t go shopping for new clothes every week as I wanted to because I wanted to travel. I had to decide which was important and found a way to balance my passions and the things I loved. I had to learn to plan wisely, meet new people and form meaningful relationships. I spoke to the people who could help me, people who traveled to places I wanted to go. I got ideas, I got tips and I put them to use. I joined clubs and organizations that could help me to achieve my dreams. When everyone was going to the beach on the weekend. I was going to Leo club meetings, brainstorming ways to raise funds to serve the communities around us and give back. I built relationships with people who were on the same part with me so I could be inspired and motivated.


These things came gradually and I can assure you due to these 3 things everything unfolded in my life to where I am today. Having traveled now to over 27 countries, lived in Trinidad and Tobago, Germany, Cyprus and now the UK. Having a hunger for exploring, one that craves adventure and travel. Deciding to step up even more and do work that makes me happy. I am now the person that I am today because of these 3 main things and I they are very important to me because they shaped the life I live today. God allowed things to happen for me and not to me to further my dream and my desires for the life I wanted to live and he can do the same for you.


Are you in need of all 3 or at least one of these key components in your life? Then I can help you with that because that is who I am. These things are as much a part of me as my physical characteristics and they can be for you also if you really want it to.


If you want to live a life of your design, to travel more, be more adventurous, courageous and confident enough to step out of your comfort zone, dream big and go after those dreams. Then I can help you, reach out and let's connect lovely, I’d love to have a chat with you. Click the link to schedule a call.

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