Is the guilt of your desire to travel killing you?


In our lives, there are so many things waiting to take priority. Our jobs, our husbands, our kids and now your desire to travel more. You just don’t know why, but you keep craving travel and you just need it in your life. You understand the importance of it because it’s something that you love, you used to do it before. You understand it helps you to relax, to unwind, to create balance and you love the secret feeling of being FREE.

You are so ashamed of this last part because you shouldn’t want to be FREE. You have a great and blessed life, you have a wonderful husband who loves and support you, amazing kids who you love with all of your heart. You have your work, whatever that may be that gives you purpose and fulfillment but something is still missing and you know it’s your desire to travel more.

But why should you want this?

You shouldn’t even be entertaining this thought because let’s face it many women want your life. But only would know what you crave and really desire and no matter how much you keep pushing it away, if its what you really want the feeling will never really go away.

Then one day you would wake up and feel regret for the things you didn’t do, the things you didn’t pursue and for neglecting that part of yourself that you really wanted to explore.

But what about the money, time, other priorities?

There are so many more things that you could do with your money. Renovate your house, buy the kids stuff, save towards a new car. The kids and the home can become demanding, tough and constant and so taking time out for self-care becomes difficult.

But isn’t travel just as important as these?

Isn't travel an investment in you and your family?

Traveling allows you not only to spend much needed time on yourself but allows you to focus on the ones who are most important to you. When you work on yourself you are in adversly making your family’s life better because you are working on YOU. The superwoman who holds it all together. When you are stressed and overwhelmed you are no good to anyone, especially your family.

Taking time to travel and experience self-care is vital for your mental, physical and spiritual health. You get to find yourself again, the real you, under the labels of wife, mother, daughter and friend. There is still that girl who had the passion to learn, to explore, to be adventurous and to just have fun.

There is still that girl who is full of love, joy and happiness under all the overwhelm and exhaustion.

So lovely:

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