What this Easter has taught me about BEING rather than DOING


J and I usually spend Easter at home, me trying to make hot cross buns. Sometimes failing miserably but I always enjoy trying. Eating fish and just taking the long holiday to relax. I usually avoid traveling during Bank Holidays as it's always extra busy and expensive but due to the moon and the vernal equinox, Easter fell on Passover, which was also near to my birthday on 26th March. I obviously had to do something as it's my birthday and I always do something special on my birthday. Last year I celebrated my 30th in Jerusalem, Isreal. My most unforgettably amazing trip to date and the year before that we celebrated in Amsterdam, Netherlands and further to that we were in Berlin, Germany. 

This time as we are now living in the UK and my hubby just came from an overseas trip. I decided to stay local and explore. So we booked an amazing overnight stay in a hotel and spa here in the UK. Complete with a 2-course meal, bottle of prosecco and full breakfast and full leisure access.  Our plan was to come back home on Saturday, relax then go back down to London for resurrection Sunday church service and then back home to relax all day Monday. I was actually looking forward to it as we usually spend Easter at home anyway. But my God had other plans and boy his surprises are always amazingly good!!

As we were getting packed to leave on Friday, hubby told me that our friends in Uxbridge have invited us to stay over on Saturday night to go to church on Sunday as our church was like 20 mins away from them. I thought about it, as I already had my plans in my mind but I thought why not, I love spending time with these amazing friends of ours and even though I had plans, I would release those plans and go with the flow. So we hurriedly threw in some church clothes and headed out the door as we had a 2-hour drive and we wanted to check in on time to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

Everything for our overnight stay was amazing, spent a luxurious afternoon at the spa, using the sauna, the jacuzzi, steam room and pool. Then a wonderful dinner, I had the seared duck breast, seriously it was the most delicious duck I ever had, followed by and a peaceful, restful sleep in our hotel room. I seriously felt myself unwind, relax and be rejuvenated. Just being out of my usual environment was all I needed to reconnect with myself again. I attempted to read but I ended up sleeping most of the time, which was great because I really needed this. When we woke up the next morning at 9 am, we went down for a luxurious breakfast, eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce for me and full English breakfast for J. We went back up for another nap until check out but then this where the unexpected fun began.

Firstly, as we were leaving the hotel I realized that Windsor castle was around the corner. This is where the much anticipated royal wedding here in the UK is said to be held for Prince Harry and his gorgeous fiance Megan Markle. So, of course, I had to see Windsor Castle!! My hubby worked there during his military career so obviously didn't understand my fascination but he took me anyway. But it looked like other people had the same idea as I did because the traffic was horrendous and I was shocked to find a line as long as the nearby river of tourists waiting to get into the grounds to see the castle. It was a typical wet and cold day in the UK, so I honestly didn't bother coming out but we drove around for a bit and I was reassured with a promise from the hubby to come back when the weather gets warmer and dryer, hopefully soon.

We then headed to Uxbridge oh and what a weekend that turned out to be. I first went to my friend's little cake shop, it is so gorgeous called Honeybees cakes in Ruislip, she also did my delicious red velvet cake with buttercream icing for my birthday. It was simply so relaxing and fun spending the afternoon in her beautiful cafe, helping to pack up beautiful cupcakes and watch on as a little 8-year-old had her in-house birthday party, complete with cupcakes icing and games. As you can imagine I left the shop with every delicious thing my friend could load me up with. Delicious British scones, complete with clotted cream and strawberry jam, unicorn cupcakes, lemon drizzle cake and I seriously had to refuse an Easter basket filled with chocolate cupcakes and even more cakes! I still had red velvet at home to finish!

We came home to meet the guys cooking up a feast of roast beef, macaroni pie and all kinds of sides, the night was completed by heading over to my friends' family to watch the big boxing match complete with the full volume on blast, shouting and screaming and finger food and drinks to enjoy all 12 rounds of boxing. Something I never thought I'd enjoy at all, but it goes to show how having amazing family and friends around changes everything.

The weekend carried on with even more visit to family houses and even more food and an amazing resurrection church service on Sunday which our friends came to as well, so that was a bonus.  Then on to more food and eating, laughing and good times. As I sit here writing this blog posts, literally just coming back home to our quiet house. I took a few minutes to thank my heavenly father for an unexpectedly, amazingly great weekend. As we are far away from family and friends who are home in the Caribbean, hubby and I had seriously gotten accustomed to spending our holidays together. Enjoying each others company and just resting but God had other plans for us and for that we are extremely grateful.

As humans, we want to live carefully planned lives, with schedules and routines, traditions that we have made and things that we prefer to do. Then things and opportunities arise and we can't seem to let go and just be.  We are so stuck in doing things, doing the housework, doing the cleaning, doing the blogging, doing the getaway and we forget to actually BE. Be ourselves, be spontaneous, be alive, be different, be real.

So as I wrap up an amazing weekend with friends who are feeling more and more like family. I want to remind us that Traveling can bring so many things to our lives. We get to see places aka Windsor Castle, experience amazing things, hotel stay with spa but the most important thing for me is the BEING. What it makes me become, more relaxed, more rejuvenated, more grateful than ever and absolutely revived and blessed.

So instead of traveling to just see, take pictures and DO, let me help you to take that traveling experience to the next level. Let's change your life to the one you know you were created to live, to experience and to become the person you know you are meant to BE. We are not called human DOINGS but human BEINGS and this is for one reason only. God wants us to BE, BE the best version of ourselves, living our true life's purpose and being truly alive with happiness, balance, and love.




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