Achieving your dream life by being consistent


Today I woke up and the first thing I wanted to do was to stay in bed, pull the covers over my face and push the world way. I was thinking about my goals for the future and I was feeling flooded, overwhelmed and just tired. I wasn't as excited anymore and it made me think. Achieving goals and dream in our lives is not going to be happy everyday, it's not going to be great everyday and sadly it's not going to be easy everyday especially to begin with. I believe with all my heart that it will get better and this is why I keep pushing on everyday but for now, there are definite ups and downs.

There are days when I'm super happy and just excited and pumped to get started and there are days like today when I just felt a bit blah!! Do you know how that feels?

But I'll tell you what I did to make this blog posts possible at 10:38am here in the UK. I dragged myself up and thought about what I could do today. Forget building a massive business where I help x amount of women and do the work I really want to do to women I could truly help. Forget the big dream of traveling a lot more and helping my family and friends. Forget the big goals and this huge mountain I have created over my head. I started thinking of planning my day in 'day time compartments'. 

What is Day Time Compartments? 

This is a really long way to say a very simple concept of just planning your day into what you need to get done today. Remains consistent in showing up everyday and doing the work that is needed. So for today I had a plan to write a blog posts, send out my newsletter, do some journalling and connecting to 5 new women. When I thought of those 4 simple things I needed to get done today, I felt energised and motivated to get started so I could finish sooner.

So I took up my bible, read God's amazing words, that motivates and encourages me to push on, read my affirmations, said my prayers and then did my morning yoga. I got back into my daily routine just thinking of each step as I went along. 

Ladies, creating the life of your dreams is not easy especially when you are thinking of the miles you want to run to get to the end, or the summit you want to climb. That mountain top looks so high and so far, stop, DO NOT look at that huge mountain top. Start looking at the little steps that you need to start making today. Focus on putting one step infront of the other. Staying inspired and motivated to what those goals really are, have your plans in place and start executing one day at a time.

It's hard when you're not seeing the result the you want, you're not making any headway and your dream seems to be further than ever. Don't get disheartened about what you are seeing, just keep moving on, one step at a time. It's the same with me building this business and it's the exact same thing with you trying to implement more traveling into your life and creating more freedom, balance and self care. 

That's exactly what you learn to do and keep doing every single day in the membership community. In the Zanur Fearless Travellers Membership Community you:

  • Stay motivated, inspired and encouraged to continue to pursue your travel goals through daily posts.
  • You get real action steps to create your dreams- Worksheets, E-books and mini courses.
  • Pre-planned itineraries to reduce stress and overwhelm on your trips.
  • Live coaching every week to start implementing the information you were given for that week.

We help you to stay motivated on your goals, to start traveling and creating the lifestyle of freedom, balance and self care that you crave.

Have questions of how exactly we do that?

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