The Feeling of Unfulfilled Purpose


On Saturday morning I woke up and started actively seeking a particular feeling, it was a feeling that was a part of who I was for a long time. But I realized over the past few months I hadn't noticed it anymore.

It was the first feeling I would feel as I wake up every day. 

It’s difficult to explain but it was like I had something to do. 

My mind would race, “what did I have to do?”

Then I’d feel it in the pit of my stomach. I didn’t know what it was, I had something to do but I'd end up just feeling a bit lost and dejected.

I know you have that feeling as well. 

It's as if you have something MORE to do, whatever you are doing is never enough.

It's the feeling of longing. 
It’s the feeling of UNFULFILLED PURPOSE!!

But you know something?

I was surprised that morning because as I searched my heart, mind, body, and soul. I couldn’t find the feeling,

My heart was smiling, I had found my purpose and was living it and I can’t describe what the feeling is to you, you have to experience it yourself. If you have let me know.

It’s an amazing feeling!

I don’t share this to brag or to say I have made it, on the contrary, I share this to motivate and inspire.

God had placed purpose in each and every one of us. Your purpose would look different than someone else because you are uniquely different from everyone else. What would make one person’s heart sing may make yours cry.

That’s the beauty of this life, we are all called for 1 big unique purpose. Have you found yours lovely?

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