Creating a life that you love is NOT easy!


Everyone who is shouting living your dream life is EASY is not telling you the whole truth.

It gets easier after a while but achieving it is NOT!

Let me give you a little lesson on stepping out of comfort zones.

When we are in our comfort zones everything is easy and effortless. It flows from us because we are already accustomed to this way of life. This is our normal standards in life but whenever you decide to step out into something different there WILL be massive amount of resistance.

You see, our subconscious which is could be imagined as a big elephant that runs the way we think and feel every single day needs to feel safe. Infact, this is for your own good, this is why when we are about to get into an accident or touch a hot stove we have that reflex instinct to pull away or avert the collision.

We don’t have to think about this because this big elephant is always on the lookout ready to take over when we least expect it. This is why we can walk through life carefree and not worry about these things happening in our lives because that big elephant has got our back.

Now this is some deep theories and I know it would take a while for you to understand but I wanted to point this out to you to explain about the resistance you would be facing inevitably when you decide to make a massive change in your life and raise your new standards.

God has created us to constantly grow and evolve, we are the only creation that has this ability because that’s what God wanted us to be like. He wanted to be able to use us to do great and mighty things in this world he has created. He said he has given us dominion over everything on this earth.

So when we are in our comfort zones for too long something will inevitably happen to move us out of it. This is always a fact, because as I said before God wants to call us forth for more.

This is why we may always seem to either be in a problem, coming out of a problem or just getting into another problem. Sometimes without even having some time to breathe and catch our breathes we have to go through another one again and sometimes we wonder why.

It’s because this is what we were created for, to grow and evolve and be BETTER. That’s the goal for our lives, to be holy and acceptable to God, no matter what you believe or what you may think, this is the truth. This may come in different ways for different people and this is what I speak about when I speak about purpose.

We all have a particular purpose that God wants us to live out and to achieve and while we’re at it he also wants us to enjoy it and love it. Something I have newly just discovered although I have read it countless times in the bible. The greatest gift that God has given us is LOVE. The first and second commandments are to love. Therefore, God wants us not only to love him and others but to LOVE ourselves and the lives that we live. So, it is our duty to pursue a life that we would love to live each and every single day. 

Back to things being easy, it does get easy, when the new things becomes your new normal but until it gets there it would take discipline and dedication to start taking those necessary steps every single day. The DOING will always be the hardest. This is why we have the bible, because God wanted to SHOW us exactly what we needed to do because he knew just saying it won’t be enough. He had to send his son Jesus to show us the steps and the way.

Lovely, if you are finding it difficult to step out of your comfort zone, find your purpose, travel more and pursue your dreams. You are not alone, we have all been there or is still there but what you need to realise is that you don’t need to do it alone. You can choose to enjoy the journey along the way or you can choose to struggle and fight and delay your arrival.

What I do is support you in getting there:

- I help you to find clarity in what you want to do and what you purpose is all about. Sometimes it hits us smack in the face and sometimes it takes some digging to find it. 

-Then we work on setting action steps to get you there, much of which discipline is key.

- Then we start reverse engineering those steps to get you started right now.

-Ofcourse we also work on getting you traveling more because this will help you to get into the habit of the doing. Being confident, fearless and adventurous while seeing and experiencing the world.

Still wondering if it’s your time? Still thinking that you’re not ready? Remember that big friendly elephant that’s your subconscious is there to protect you and whenever it ‘thinks’ you’re about to be in danger it will hold you back. But you know darling that you are ready to rewire that thinking, you know that you are ready to give the elephant its new programming. That you creating a life that you love and living your true purpose IS the new normal. Are you ready?

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