6 ways to ensure that you achieve your life goals


Goal achievement is major in our lives because without goal setting, then we have nothing to work towards and to achieve. The key to a great life and creating a life that you love is getting super CLEAR on what that life looks like for you. Maybe it's to have a better work/life balance, have a better career, meet that dreamy spouse or to travel more, but whatever that dream life looks like you have got to define it for yourself. The second step after defining it is figuring out how you would be achieving it. This is where goal setting comes in, you can try to create the life you want but without breaking it down into goals, honey you may be walking a never ending treadmill. So here are 6 ways that you can ensure that your goals can and will become achievable:

1. Break them down into bite size chucks- Lets face it, some life goals are HUGE and they will take time to materialise. But in order to make it much more accessible and seem more attainable to your human brain, you have to break them down into small action steps everyday. So lets say for e.g you decide you want to start traveling more. You can start by exploring your home town and city every other Sunday evening. This would definitely get you into the habit of exploring and stepping out of your comfort zones. Soon you'd be so comfortable and familiar with adventure and travel that you would want to venture out further with time. So take your time and take small steps, one day at a time.

2. Have Faith- I speak a lot about faith because it is crucial. When setting goals, it makes no sense wanting to achieve something but then not actually BELIEVING it is possible for you. That makes the goal 10x harder to be achieved because you don't really believe it will happen. Therefore, you would not be taking the inspired actions that you need to achieve them. So start by having faith that it WILL happen to you, if you really want it.

3. Put it in writing- This one is so very important, when we write things down it's like setting it in stone as God did with the 10 commandments. It becomes a law and will become more real and attainable. When you write things down it affirms it in your heart and in your spirit, that these are the goals you have set out to achieve in your life at this point in time. It's one thing to think about something but then actually finding the words and putting it on paper makes it more real. You have said it, it is written and now it MUST happen.

4. Make your goals as visible as much as possible- We are humans and we use our 5 physical senses. One thing that is commonly known is that seeing is believing. So to help you with your faith, make your goals as visible as possible. Make a dream board with the things you want to achieve. It could soft copy, in a word document on your laptop or Pinterest board or it can be a hard copy version on bristol board stuck in your room. But make sure you can see the vision every single day. It makes it more more real and attainable to the human mind. See it and start believing it will come true.

5.  Take inspired action- Small steps means everything and it makes all the difference. Here's another saying, Rome was not built in 1 day and so your goals and dreams will not be achieved in 1 day, 1 month or even 1 year. It would require you to take actions every single day to make it a reality and this includes changing old habits that no loner served you. Separating yourself from friends and acquaintances who are not helping you and changing the way you think and view your reality every single day. This is why I love to read the bible and meditate. In my times of feeling lost and unsure of the way forward, these 2 things always gives me direction. The bible talks about having faith and love for others and ourselves and there is no mistaking that love is the beginning go it all. If ever in doubt as to where to begin, start with love, Take inspired action to show love for yourself and others. This may seem unreal but it leads the way to achieving whatever goals or dreams you are aspiring too

6. Remain consistent- The final step is remaining consistent and is very important. We know ourselves we start something new and for a few days we are so enthusiastic about it, then slowly real life step in and the fire sizzles out, the next thing we know, we have stopped  because it wasn't working. But it has been proven that habits and actions sticks after doing it for ATLEAST 21 days days, 12 weeks to be safer. This is why my one to one coaching program is a length of 12 weeks because your changes during this time would have moved from daily actions, to habits and then become your new lifestyle. It's the same with regular exercise and eating healthy. These are all health goals and therefore, we can take this to ALL goals. Remaining consistent is the hardest part and this is why I always suggest you have an accountability partner to keep you on track and regular. Disciple is also key and something you should try to work on everyday.

So there it goes, my 6 steps to ensure that you achieve your life goals. Firstly, get super clear on the goal and dream you want to achieve, then break it down into smaller steps. After that, have faith that it can and will happen for and to you. Then put it in writing, set it in stone, journal around it and remind yourself ever so often. Then make it visible, make it attainable by seeing it being possible. Next, take inspired action, with the steps above they would put you in the right mindset and give you the confidence that you need to make the steps that are necessary and last but not least remain consistent. Get disciplined and remain accountable to yourself, because you deserve to have the amazing life that you are dreaming about because you are AMAZING!!.

If you need help with putting these 6 steps into practise, let's get on a call and see if you would be a great fit for my 12 weeks 1:1 coaching program starting this month. God wants us to live the best life possible for ourselves but most importantly he wants us to be equipped in our own lives to go out and affect and help to transform others and to do that it has to start with you. You must live the life that you desire, live the happiness, the peace and the joy so that you can help others in whatever way you feel called to do.

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