How my morning routine can help you create a life that you love.


Ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted to have my own business, work for myself and help other women in some way or form. As I started to explore my love for travel I realised that I wanted to help women to find happiness and love through travel. My main driver in life is happiness, therefore, whatever decision and actions I take in my life is driven from that 1 need, to be happy. Sure enough that's exactly the life I have created for myself without me even being aware of actively seeking it. It was done totally subconsciously and the divine grace of God and I couldn't be happier. 

It all started with my morning routine and over the years it has remained pretty much the same with a few tweaks here and there. Way back in university I was doing some of these things to ensure I started my day in the right mindset to be able to achieve the plans and goals that I had for that day. My updated version has done great things for me and have reminded me of my need to remain consistent and disciplined. Here is how I start my day and I promise you if you do the same, the difference you would feel not only in your life but you would also see massive changes in your actions and productivity as well.

Here goes my full morning routine for the entire week.

Monday- Friday:

Wake up at 7am- I read my bible on my "Bible" app on my phone. Since I started using my phone I had to learn to ignore all the alerts on social media and chats and go straight to the app and fill my mind with God's words first. This is crucial to me and my relationship with God. I believe me prioritising his word first shows me and him that he means more to me than anything else. I want to start my day hearing from him first. I read the verse of the day and the entire chapter to get the background context of what the verse is saying. I would meditate on that word for about 5 mins while laying in bed. Then I would start praying for what I have just learnt and also for the day ahead.

7:30am- Get out of bed and put on my workout clothes. I sit for 10 mins with my phone timer crossed legged on my yoga mat and meditate for the full 10 mins. During this meditation I try to think of nothing. Most times I end up speaking to God but then I have to remind myself to just clear my mind and allow God to speak to me. I want to listen during this time, I open my heart and my mind. I concentrate on my breathing and everytime my mind wonders I come back to my breathing and so it goes for 10 mins. 

7:50am- I sit and write up my morning journal, my gratitude list and things I need to have accomplished during the day. I think and I reflect and I write it all out in my journal and decide exactly how I would make it happen. 

8:00am- I feel open and energised, I do some form of workouts. Yoga or pilates or high intensity. Sometimes I even go out for walks in my neighbourhood, if its a beautiful day or I feel like stretching my legs further. When I go out I take usually an hour, if I work out inside on my yoga mat, it may take me roughly 30 mins. 

8:30-9:00am- I have a healthy breakfast, I love breakfast and this particular routine has always been with me because seriously the first thing that comes to my mind in the morning is what to eat ahahah, I know!! I am such a huge breakfast fan. Before I would go all out for breakfast, eggs, sausages, bacon and toast but as of late I just stick to oatmeal or cereal with fruits and chia seeds. Leave the full english for weekends which I most certainly indulge in.

9:00am- By this time I'm doing little tidying around the house while I listen to inspirational gospel music or some inspirational video on youtube. Then I hit the shower and get ready to start my day, thinking of the things I need to get done and how I would go about doing it. 

Weekend (Saturday and Sunday):

I get up a little bit later 8/9 am depending on what I need to get done that day. Read my bible as usual and meditate but I do this in bed as there would be no workouts on the weekend, except if hubby and I decide to of walking and if so it would be way earlier as he gets up early EVERYDAY. 

Then I head to make my favourite, breakfast time!! On weekends I go all out, omelettes or homemade pancakes, bacons and tea, sometimes smoothies. Breakfast by far is my most favourite meal of the day. Then I start my day doing whatever we have planned relaxing or going out. Most weekends we try to do something fun, visit friends, visit a new city or town or simply relax in doors or outdoors now the weather is getting way nicer.

So there it is my morning routine for productivity. As I said before I always had a morning routine but lately I have really been stepping it up and adding new things especially my bible reading and meditation, those are all really new but really helpful to me now that I am at this stage in my life where I need direction and motivation. 

As I always say when you find your purpose for your life, you usually need to become a different person to achieve that goal and dream and for me it couldn't be truer. I needed to step up on my spiritual side and listen more to God for direction and I needed to ensure that I was in the headspace to get things done because if you don't most times you just let it slip and talk yourself out of doing the things that you need to do. Without accountability to yourself and your routine, things would never get done.

For help and inspiration to get your morning routine scheduled and consistently being executed reach out and lets have a quick chat. I still have 2 spaces open for my 12 week Travel and Life coaching program and I would love to help you to create your dream life now. Also come over to the Facebook group where I'd be sharing more on this topic tomorrow. Come and ask your questions and start creating a life that you love because you are amazing and you deserve the most amazing life!.