Lessons from my trip #2 to Paris


As you know I absolutely love to travel but to me travel is not a means of escape from a life that is stressful and overwhelming. Infact, its quite the opposite, I see travel as my reward for my hard work and perseverance in what situation I may have found myself in, which we know in life is very frequent.

I once read a quote that has stuck with me to this day and it goes like this.

Life is a serious of problems:

Either you are in one NOW

You're just coming OUT of one or

You're just getting ready to GO into another one.

This quote had proven to be true many times over and I realised as well that the reason I didn't recognise them as problems was because of the way I viewed life. 

My outlook on life is not necessarily about problems, it's just about pushing yourself to the next level continuously. You may realise yourself that at certain times in your life you would feel uncomfortable, restless, wanting a new haircut or a new crazy fast car, or something outrageous that others just don't understand. Some people call it the midlife crisis but you will also recognise that this is not happening to only people in their midlife.

It happens at any age and this is where I was atleast a year ago and before that 4 years ago. I ignored the tug on my heart and soul and told myself I just needed  to find a new hobby. I needed to find something else to get my attention and keep me busy but the feelings would not go. No amount of new hairstyles and shopping for beautiful clothes would help me.

It was the calling on my life that I was again trying to ignore. I felt God saying to me,

"it's time to step out of this comfortable life you had created for myself."

Where I am not tested too much, happiness was always in reach and things were just getting easy, I didn't even try anymore. I told myself I didn't have perseverance and determination because when I thought back in my life the last time I had to exercise those muscles was in University and that was like 6 years ago. I had forgot how to dig deep in myself to achieve a particularly big goal or dream.

This is when you know it's time to step out of the comfort zone and pursue your next level. When the comfort is no longer nice and easy, it's actually painful and demotivating.

As humans we are created by God to constantly be evolving, we are the only creators on this earth with the capacity to reason and who has free will. Therefore, we are not meant to remain the same throughout our lives, in the same positions, in the same state of mind or the same situations. But many of if us ignore the pulls and become insensitive to what God has placed in our hearts because of that thing again called reasoning. We can totally reason ourselves out of pushing through our fears and stepping out of our comfort zone.

But my trip to Paris this past week brought all of this and more to my attention. My journey so far into stepping into my next level and saying yes to the calling that God has placed in my heart has seen lots of ups and downs. It has been difficult and it has been fun, I know it's not over yet the ride had just begun but I have already decided that I would do whatever it takes, once it's legal and within the will of God to make my dreams and my goals a reality.

Darling, I hope this has become your position as well. You know it's time to make some changes in your life, but you are scared. You are wondering if this is really for you or maybe you are only fooling yourself to dream so big and so wide. 

I want to tell you today, if your dream is to live a happy life, one filled with joy, financial freedom, travels and living your life to the fullest then IT IS possible for you. Faith has made it possible already, you only need now to DECIDE to make it a reality and start taking steps to  each day to ensure that you become the best version of yourself.

As a Travel & Life Coach this is what I do for you. I help you:

-To get super clear on the goals and dreams that you have for your life. 

-Together we start putting action steps in place to make these dreams a reality.

-We build your faith and your courage to start taking these steps every single day because it won't always be easy.

-I hold you accountable to yourself, to remain consistent in holding to your DECISION to keep moving forward come what may.

I only want to work with dedicated women who have already made that decision for themselves but now they need help in making it a reality. 

I only want to work with women just like me, who knows that she is meant for so much more and wants someone who has her back every step of the way. To motivate and encourage her to know it will happen and sooner rather than later.

If this sounds like you, click here and schedule a call with me, let's see if we are a good fit and what working together will look like for us.

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To us and stepping out of our comfort zones to become the very best version of ourselves every single day, travel the world and create our dream life!