Using Travel to improve Self Love and Happiness


This past weekend I was taken aback by the lack of self love that most women have for themselves. We live in a society who wants to tell us what to believe, how to look, what to say and who to be. No one can tell you this but yourself, because you were created to be the best version of YOU. Not anyone else or who anyone else wants you to be. As an enthusiastic traveller I can attest to the times when life have threatened to pull me under. Under its strains and stresses and living up to other people's expectations. I had to find out WHO I AM and had to build the courage to walk in that knowledge.

Who are you today lovely? Are you still battling to find out who you are? 

You have to start with loving who you are right now, not who you are going to be or who you were at one point.

Here are 5 things that you can start implementing to learn and grow to love yourself and WHO you really are:

1. Know that you were created by a big and mighty God-  He said he has created you in HIS image and likeness. Now I know the 'IN' thing now is to speak about the Universe this and the Universe that. I admit at one point I was almost dragged into this but I remembered who I was.

I am a child of God and I am walking in power and miracles every single day with his help and I am walking in FAVOUR.

 I choose to believe the truth, that The Universe was created by the one and only God and if you are too scared to see that and face that, well I'm sorry but I'm not. The Universe did not create me, God did and his word says he created me as his handy work and if you know anything about God. Looking at the sky, the seas, the mountains, the beauty of the places that we travel too, we know he doesn't create things half way. He doesn't make inferior things, they function 100% without defects until us humans intervene and changes it from what the original was. No woman will settle for fake Prada bags and Manolo Blanks when you can get the real one. That's the way you need to think of yourself. Do not accept the inferior you when you can have access to the REAL you, if you choose to believe she is there.


2. Use affirmations to change those old and destructive beliefs- Yes I know, everyone is talking about affirmations and it's everywhere. But does it really work? It does if you believe in what you are saying. Many of us have grown up with beliefs that we are not good enough, that we need to be more beautiful, more slimmer or more accomplished to be loved and accepted and that's so just NOT true. This is why when we see people who do not fit into the society's idea of 'beautiful' loving themselves and feeling like they are everything, we are surprised and most times we cheer these people on because it takes courage and strength to believe something other than what others are telling you. Some of us wait for others to accept something that we have before we can accept it ourselves. Such as our hair, our physical features etc. You need to start changing those beliefs now by affirming what you now need to believe. That you are beautiful, that you are the perfect body weight (and if you're not, we will get to that in the next point), that you are worthy to be loved by yourself and by others. Write the new beliefs you want to have out each day and throughout the day you keep reaffirming them in your mind and in your spirit. YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH NOW!!

3. Have the courage and strength to change the things you do not like about yourself- There are things that we all can change about ourselves, that has nothing to do with vanity or with what other people think. It has to do with us internally and what we know is best for us. For e.g. You maybe overweight and it's affecting your health. You will not be expected to accept that and reaffirm that because that is something you totally can change. Not only will it improve your health and life but it will also make you more happier. When we have situations like these we need to have the courage and the strength to start taking actions to make these changes. If you are unhappy in your job and in your life, you NEED to be fearless enough and have faith to know YOU can change this. You do not need to settle for a life that is unhappy and unfulfilling, you have the power to change that NOW. 

4. Do the things that makes you happy- It has been proven that the happiest people do things that they love to do. They do not deprive themselves because of some false belief. They do everything in moderation and with a balance but they do the things that they enjoy. They make the time, they find the money and they make it happen. If you love to travel, make it a commitment to travel atleast twice per year out of the country and as often as you can within the country. If you love to have pizza, have it latest once per month. I know for a fact when I do things I love in moderation, I enjoy them and appreciate them all the more. I am not overdoing it or over killing it, I reward myself with the things that I love and I savour the enjoyment. My overall life is better for this because I am living a life that I love. It has always been my dream to work from home but due to fear and allowing society to dictate what I can do, I went out and looked for work outside of the home. I felt like I didn't have kids, I didn't have circumstances that warranted me working from home. I would look lazy to everyone else, who does that? But I soon realised this wasn't about what other people thought about my life. It was about what makes me happy and fulfilled. I love the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want too and doing work that I love and choose. What are you depriving yourself of from now? Waiting for the 'right' time that never comes?

5.  Give yourself time and be patient with yourself- As I always say, to create the life that you love you have to become someone totally different than you are now. This is totally true and especially when learning to love yourself for who you are. Sometimes who we are in all honesty is not loveable and this may sound harsh but hear me out. We have bad habits, we are awful people and this person is not a person who is very loveable. Yes we all deserve love but it doesn't mean that we make it easy to love ourselves and for other to love us all the time. If you are at the point in your life where you seriously are not happy with who you are, then lovely, it's time to start making changes and as I said before you need to have strength and courage to do exactly that but you CAN. When you decide to do that, please give yourself grace and do not get frustrated if massive changes do not happen all at once. It takes time, commitment and dedication to change who we are. Some of our habits and beliefs are ingrained from childhood and it will take time to shift and change. Be patient with yourself, show yourself love and appreciation. Pat yourself on the back for even attempting to make the changes. Some people decide to stay where they are because they are too scared to change. You have DECIDED to make your life better and you need to be gracious with yourself. 

Traveling is a great way to start putting some of these things in place especially if you love to travel. Traveling allows us to live in the now, to face our true selves and most times we cannot run away. We are spending time with who we really are and because of the courage and decisions that you made to go on your travel journey, you will certainly find the courage and strength to start the journey of LOVING who you are and experiencing a whole other life, filled with happiness and true fulfilment. Many people are looking for love outside but lovely, I tell you start with loving yourself and EVERYTHING else will fall into place and everyone else.

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Love and Blessings,


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